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Yamaha YP-D71 Reviews

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Yamaha YP-D71

Yamaha YP-D71

5/10 by brunomarcs

I purchased a yp-d71 on the advice of a friend. The table came with a new wood veneer, an mc cartridge and an MM cart. A new old stock dust cover, Audio-Technica feet and some other stuff. What a disappointment this table has been compared to my JVC QL-Y7. The jvc is way better. I don’t recommend this table at all

10/10 by rainerigs

I have owned the YP-D71 since I bought it new in 1978. I had to pack it up and store it for 20 years due to my kids being little. Over that time I have run various AT and Ortofon cartridges and am currently using the 2M Black with great success. The build and quality of this TT are exemplary. Even after 20 years of careful storage, the YP-D71 performed as well as the day it was new. The speed is spot on and everything still works as well as the day I purchased it 38 years ago. Today it is used daily and the highlight of my music room. To this day I can not think of another TT I would rather own. Is just that good!

10/10 by wgbeatty

I recently acquired one of these well built tables. Very solid and after all these years, still performs as it should. I like the idea of no mechanics that move the arm back and forth, and just a simply auto-lift when you dial to cut or at the end of a record. I found the damping to work great, with the exception of a very slow arm lift - sometimes barely at all. Replacing the old fluid should do wonders for that issue. Sound is great and the tone arm is thoughtfully designed and bit more robust than typical tables from Japan at this time. Solid base with nice looking ebony vinyl veneer.

9/10 by jeansmets

Picked this one up at a fleamarket for only 25 euro. Didn't know any yamaha turntables but saw that is was made to a very high standard and it was quit heavy to carry it all the way to the carpark. Came with a nice Pickering XV15 cartridge in good state. Set it up and it has now replaced my Thorens TD160mk2 as my main table. It looks great, sound is beautiful to my ears and as a bonus there's the electronic autostop at the end of the record. What a find. It betters my find of a Thorens TD160 for only 7 euro. That's what I love with fleamarkets, you never know what you're gonna find.
Very happy indeed.

8/10 by Wadeh911

Aug 2014 - I have owned several yamaha turntables in the 70's including the yippidee 71 . All were wonderful components. Moved up the line to the YP-D8 which I'm still using and it also is going strong almost 30 years.

7/10 by klasseman

Still going strong after 30 yars

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