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Yamaha YP-D6 Reviews

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Yamaha YP-D6

Yamaha YP-D6

9/10 by fscl

Just finished servicing a unit for a record store. Surprisingly heavy with nice build quality. Cleaned all variable resistors and finished tuning / truing speed so the turntable spins nice and steady. Simple controls make for easy to operation and will perform nicely / sound excellent with matched cartridge. As the units are getting older, look for a cracked / free wheeling spindle gear which will not let the YP-D6 cycle correctly. Otherwise a fine turntable for your listening pleasure.

9/10 by soimmvt

It has been my friend to nearly 6 years and has brought me back to vinyl. It has stunning looks and operates fine. Easy to set up, fair to look at and nice sounding.

8/10 by yamaha freak1

I have had several of these classic lookers,and still love my one left.The SME S-shaped style arm is so easy to swap cartridges and headshells.The rumble is very quiet,tracking is fine, and auto return at end.Some weakness are the auto return tends to fail,and makes some noise, there is mech links,there.The speed also tends to drift and or waver ever so slightly.Resistance to feedback, is great, as is resistance to outside shocks, footsteps,has large leveling adj feet.Quality dustcovers buff out nice. ect.Build quality is good.They just dont always have speed stability of say Technics.I am sure a good servicing could help, but not too much info out there on these?I have settled on a Stanton 681 with new stylus.C80 yamaha Pre M50 amp GenesisII speakers upgraded.

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