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Yamaha YP-D4 Reviews

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Yamaha YP-D4

Yamaha YP-D4

6/10 by Brasilcat

Yamaha is a long time, reliable Japanese audio component maker. The YP-D4 is a sure bet for anyone looking for an easy to use direct drive TT. It has all the classic functions of tables from the 80's with speed selector, direct drive, automatic return, and a detachable dust cover in a classic design. The sound quality is not HIFI, but it does give you a decent feel for the vinyl sounds of it's era. You do need to make sure the RCA connectors, headshell and cartridge are working properly and your receiver can process phono sounds. I have mine connected to a new Marantz SR7009 receiver and its high end processing functions make it easy to get the most out this unit. I would recommend the YP-D4 for anyone who appreciates the sound and experience of listening to Vinyl records, especially if you can find one for a bargain. I would choose an good working Yamaha table over any of today's cheap Amazon sub $100 unit.

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