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Yamaha YP-B2 Reviews

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Yamaha YP-B2

8/10 by longhairedhippyfreak

Beautiful design and functional, typical old Yammy good looks! I can find no fault in this table but it is still not going to replace my SL 1200 MkII

7/10 by Case

My YP-B4 has been working well since I bought it about 1984. I've changed the belt and cartridge and removed scratches on the top cover. It works well, except for a minor problem with the auto shut off function that I'll get around to fixing one of these days....

7/10 by soimmvt

Nice TT. Very nice to see, nice to operate and nice sound quality.

10/10 by Stacey Nash

I was tired of worn down used low end turntables, and decided to finally bite the bullet and buy one that was in great shape, but also looked nice. There were plenty of good late 70's-early 80's TT's out there, but so many just looked like cheap plastic (even though I knew they were quality TT's). I needed something that would not only deliver the reliability and sound I demanded, but that would also blend in with my living room furniture. Found this on eBay, and I\\'m in love! After cleaning her up, the Yamaha YP-B2 is a great turntable, both in output & appearance. Has good weight to it, and the chrome and silver hardware mounted on the wood grain base is beautiful. I\\'ve never been happier. I know there are better out there, but this was a great bang for the buck! My vinyl collection has never sounded better!

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