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Yamaha YP-800 Reviews

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Yamaha YP-800

Yamaha YP-800

10/10 by brummvinyl

I owe a Yamaha YP-800 for a year now. A turntable like a tank. Bought it because its arm is a perfect match to my Denon 103-R. An astonishing turntable! I formerly owed a Thorens 124 and a Garrard 401, both extremely good turntables too as everyone knows. But to be frank, I love the Yamaha better. I have the table completely refurbished, that certainly made the difference an maybe because the Denon MC-cartridge fits so wonderfully to my Yamaha CX-2 and MX-2 amplifier combination too. I'm very happy with it!

10/10 by Rosscoe71

This thing sounds Glorious! We A/B tested against a Thoren. The Yammie killed it!!!

9/10 by gregoryd

One of the most beautiful turntables I've ever seen. Solid build with smooth manual operation. Sounds great with my Shure V15 Type III or any other cartridge in my arsenal.

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