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Yamaha YP-701 Reviews

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Yamaha YP-701

Yamaha YP-701

10/10 by mistral47

The Yamaha YP - 701 is an incredible turntable. I know, and can make this statement because I have owned three.

This was Yamaha’s top of the line TT in 1976. Some reviews peg this as Yamaha’s best TT ever.

I’ve had many, (lost count) vintage turntables, but I keep putting the YP 701 back into my main system over and over. Some recents vintage 70’s decks I’ve been playing include the Marantz 6350, Yamaha YP 511, Yamaha YP D3, Dual 701 (amazing).

I’m always amazed that the YP 701 hasn’t had a larger following, it seems to be a bit of a vintage fringe TT, but still commands a pretty high price from those who recognize it's abilities. Market price in 2019 is around ~ $500 from someone who knows what they have.

The turntable is massive in size, and pretty heavy as well, almost as he at as my DD Dual 701. It makes a statement and above and beyond being a great turntable, it’s like a piece of finely crafted / designed furniture. The tonearm is amazing and a graceful design.

If you find one, buy it, you will not be disappointed.

Things to look out for when buying this model:
- almost impossible to find one with anti skate weight
- auto return on most needs servicing, (symptom drags needle across record on return...)
- while heavy ~ 23lbs, if you play music loud, you’ll need some vibration absorbing pads for the feet ($8 at Amazon)


8/10 by skeimig

Very attractive, classic/conservaticve design with actual wood plinth. Performance is much better than other mid-line TT of its vintage (ie, 1975).

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