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Yamaha YP-400 Reviews

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Yamaha YP-400

Yamaha YP-400

9/10 by caputto70

Well built vintage turntable. It had a AT-110 mounted on it and I really liked the sound. Nice looking turntable to. For the money I payed I cant complaine!

7/10 by suzannaforbes

I was really pleased (and lucky) to get one of these recently. A perfectly kept attic find with original packaging, owner's manual and even a complete Yamaha NS Series maintenance box with unopened wipes and lube oil! The whole thing is like new but the belt was very slack so managed to replace it with a new one found on ebay (Malvern Audio - recommended). The cartridge is the original Yamaha CG-6500 and came with an AT stylus, model unknown to me - it's red!
Ok, so I'm not an audiophile expert but really love the sound of vinyl. I have many Lps mainly 70s and 80s pop & prog rock. Like most young girls, I'm guilty of not looking after my records. These have been through several wars, covers pinned on walls, lent to careless boyfriends and played on many nasty nasty 80s tower-system hifis!! I guess what I'm trying to say is that this turntable is ideal for me. It's totally bomb-proof and the build quality is seriously good. It doesn't matter too much if I play my scratched Duran Duran singles on it either. For me, the enjoyment is the music and how it sounds on a vintage deck - and things sound great on this.
As I haven't got anything to compare it with, I've given it a 7. It's no Thorens but certainly no Amstrad neither...

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