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Yamaha PX-3 Reviews

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Yamaha PX-3

Yamaha PX-3

10/10 by Ray-T

I've had this turntable since 1982 and although I don't use it nearly as much as I used to, it still works great whenever I fire it up. How many modern electro-mechanical devices still work GREAT after 37 years? Need I say more?

10/10 by jdhorn1

Just got my second PX-3 (was dumb and sold my 1st one). It was sitting on the repair shelf of local electronics parts store when I moved here 12 years ago. The shop went out of business, the tech must have took it with him. he passed 4 months ago. fellow I know got it, I got it from him. Anyway, did the main belt clean & flip, 3 new motor belts and the PX-3 is again singing. Awesome sound. Runs like a champ. All auto points dead on. Only missing the rear weight (cobbled one together with some Pinewood Derby weights) and of course the feet were missing. Very pleased. I don't know why the tech never fixed it, I think he might be proud of me.

9/10 by mallgaier

Just check the specs; this is a great table. Height adjustment is easier than any other table I've used. As long as optic sensors are OK, all you need to do is disassemble belt and flip it over. The belt get a 'loop' indent in it from the resting position that ultimately affects arm movement and tracking. Don't worry, the whole linear arm unit detaches from back of the table, not a very technical process. Highly recommended table if you can get it under 1K in great condition; abused units go for 350-400 USD.

5/10 by keith1919

I purchased this tt back in the late eighties and over time between storage has stopped working. turns on fine however linear tracking is not working. is their some way that I can get it back to life?

9/10 by tubesaurus

diesen PX-3 fand ich vor 15 Jahren auf einem Trödelmarkt, mit einem Yamaha MC1s system, welches wahrscheinlich das originale erste System ist.
Das Gerät läuft noch einwandfrei, nur die Füsse lösen sich ab, der Gummi zersetzt sich.
Es ist von den Plattenspielern die ich habe derjenige mit der besten Sound-Qualität und Ruhe, und eignet sich herrvorragend für MC Systeme.
Meine Kumpels wollten mir einen Kennwood KD990 einreden, jedoch sehe ich dazu keine Notwendigkeit, im Gegenteil, ich bin mit dem PX-3 voll befriedigt und glaube kaum das ich mich noch verbessern könnte.

9/10 by Afrosheen

A rare beast worth finding, if it is parts complete. Paid 400 USD for mine shipped in 2016. Renewing the main drive belt isn't too difficult but almost always necessary. Don't even dream of replacing the main belt, they simply don't exist. Regardless, once yours is running you'll be blown away by the sound quality. Inner groove distortion is a distant memory and needle drops have never sounded better with my Denon DL110 high output moving coil cartridge. Only reason it's not 10 stars is because parts are nowhere to be found.

9/10 by mattman6910

Have owned my PX-3 for about 2 years now. Upgraded the cart to a Shure MX97Xe about one year ago, and it has performed almost flawlessly since. It is by far and away the best sounding turntable I have ever owned. If you can find one in good (working) condition, at a decent price, jump on it and if you are upgrading, you will hear your records like you have not hear them before.

9/10 by shadows08

Only repair - Tone Arm Unit YA-32

We must groves to the drive shaft , swivel base Assy (L),
Make them not smooth with minimal abrasive P2000.
The effect is obvious.

9/10 by TechnoDweeb

This is a review of the Yamaha PX-3 Linear Tracking Turntable. Currently, I own 3 Linear Tracking Turntables, and a few other belt drive and direct drive turntables. This one is my favourite ever, over my Hitachi PS-48 and my Thorens TD-160. The quality in the design and components is evident everywhere you look on the table. It runs so smoothly, and sounds amazing. Like an earlier review, I independantly played Santana Abraxas - Singing Wind, Crying Beasts, and it was truly outstanding on this set up. I am using an Ortofon OMB10 cartridge and very happy.

9/10 by lardawg57

9/10 by punkguy

This is the best turntable that I have owned. It is stylish, it is sleek, it is simple to operate. The sound reproduction is next to none and only limited by the cartridge and stylus that you equip it with. At the time of this review, I have tried 5 different combinations of all ranges and the sound has been tops above any other turntable that I have used with the same combinations.

The only caveat I will offer is that sometimes the adjustment for the cueing can fall out of point. It tends to cue the record further into the first track more and more as time goes on. I'm sure this is due to the age of the turntable though and I have not attempted to adjust or have it serviced.

Another notable thing to mention is that I have a few LPs which are not truly round and on traditional tables, the flutter can get quite annoying towards the end. This has not been a problem for this linear tracker.

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