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Yamaha PX-2 Reviews

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Yamaha PX-2

Yamaha PX-2

8/10 by johnkercheval

Bought two of these and restored them both. Great TT works along side my Sony PS-X800. I like the Sony a bit better as it is a Biotracer but the Yamaha performs admirably. Using an Ortofon Rohmann in it. XLO throughout. Krell system behind it.

10/10 by Selectivelibrary1

I yearned for one of these from the '80s when they came out. At the time I was in college and too broke to even pay attention at times. Thanks to eBay I acquired on one for almost a song. It was nearly NOS but did need the optic sensors replaced. Had a guy in Florida do the work for a very reasonable price. Have had the PX-2 home and running for a few years now. I am still extremely impressed with this great table. It works well, is nearly 100% sonically quiet, is built like a tank and has great vintage looks. Nearly five years later I'm still impressed with the quality of this turntable. Sure, it's no $15k turntable with at $5k cartridge but in truth it is impossible for all but the very experienced ear to tell.

9/10 by gator.swamp

Bought it on the bay for under $300. It had the Yamaha / ATN3100 with the cantilever broken. Replaced with NOS. Doing esearch I found that there other 3100 stylus available so opted for the elliptical.

I replaced the feet with new ones from a Technics 1200 available for about $13each. The PX-3 and the 1200 are about the same weight.

I have used the Yamaha cart. but also tried a Technics 310 MC, a Shure 97x, AT14SA, but have now settled on a AT155LC.

The operation of the turntable was problematic due to loose transport belts. Once fixed the operation is flawless. See the Help Guide for Belt Cleaning/Adjustment.

The best feature besides the robust construction is the tone arm. I can use any half inch cartridge I want and any standard compatible headshell.

The speed locks in quickly and the torque is good too. The controls are simple and although intermittent at first they have become reliable with continued use.

The reason for the 9/10 is that I cannot use my record weight with the cover closed, not enough clearance.

So this turntable is my best and favorite. Well worth looking into if you are a linear tracking fan.

10/10 by cobrasixtysix

This is the sweetest turntable I've owned so far.
The workmanship Yamaha put into this table are obvious. It's an understated behemoth with just two things in mind, awsome appearance backed by crystal clear sound reproduction.

10/10 by vts

PX2 is an absolutely perfect turntable !!!!

9/10 by cabasse

She is built like a tank ! She is so beautiful... she is a wonderful UFO turntable...

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