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Yamaha PF-800 Reviews

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Yamaha PF-800

Yamaha PF-800

10/10 by doctorho2603

Excellent TT in every regard, works and sound

10/10 by wrayman1

Eye candy, ear candy, The PF-800 is pretty dandy. Works well with a broad range of carts, MC or MM. Images very nicely from a black background. Best 'table I've owned for Jazz. Although some may dismiss the twin tube arm as somehow inferior to more traditional arm types, I am a firm believer in the design, given the sonics it is capable of producing.

5/10 by [jaywjohnson]

This is a wonderful turntable!

9/10 by Picture This

This is the first turntable I've owned where the music just appears out of nowhere. Truly breathtaking.

As it's getting older it's weaknesses are beginning to show. Firstly the electronic fine speed control. I find that whilst the speed is nominally what might be called stable, as it is warming up the speed changes slightly over the course of an LP side. At the beginning of each session I find I am needing to reset the speed, as what was an accurate position last time, is no longer. I get around this by turning the player on ( so it's spinning) about a good half hour before listening to it. Absolutely crucial if recording.

The other weakness is the arm bearing - no easy way to adjust slack.

If buying - take a strobe to check speed over twenty minutes, have a close examination of the arm bearing.

Finally some cartridges are too tall for it - the arm height cannot be set high enough. The supplied cartridge Yamaha MC 705 is quite low in height.

10/10 by bigwally

Built in retaliation for the European smear campaign against direct drive machines, which spread to the US audio press as well, this was a true Linn/Thorens killer. Too bad it arrived so late in the LP game.

8/10 by christere

Very good player.

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