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Yamaha P-700 Reviews

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Yamaha P-700

10/10 by fyligan

Great not expensive player. I've been using it for about six months now. When buying, there was no shell, I bought an analogue, but as it turned out, setting with it did not allow me to accurately install the cartridge. Now I have acquired the original shell. The impressions are the best. I ordered a service manual, as I will lay it out. But he looked, the documentation for the P-750 all converged, almost 100%. Great player for little money.
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8/10 by patient_ot

I purchased this turntable second hand and have had it for a few years now. During that time, it has needed nothing other than a new stylus every so often.

This is a full-auto turntable, but I mostly use it in semi-auto mode. One thing to watch out for is that the auto-start function uses some type of sensor to detect the grooves on records, which may not work 100% of the time with non-black vinyl. Therefore, if you are going to play a translucent or colored vinyl LP, I recommend starting the record manually using the cue button and then letting the turntable engage the auto-return when it is done.

Another thing to be aware of is the proprietary headshell that the turntable uses. On the upside, I believe this can take a generic or ADC brand headshell designed for straight-arm Japanese turntables. However, the proprietary headshell looks better and it is a bit more user friendly when aligning cartridges.

Odds are if you find one of these, the dustcover hinges will be broken or even missing - that was a weak point in the design. No big deal, as the dustcover can be use as a set-on style cover when the turntable is not in use and completely removed when you are playing records.

Although this is not a attractive looking as some of the turntables Yamaha made just a few years before, it is a good unit, very reliable, and easily outspecs many new turntables that cost $1000 or more.

8/10 by +yamaha-

Good TT

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