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Yamaha P-550 Reviews

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Yamaha P-550

Yamaha P-550

9/10 by rich1968

I love this turntable. It looks superb and functions are excellent. Using an AUDIO Tech AT95E cartridge to great effect.

8/10 by spooninspoon

My first and only Turntable was handed down to me from my father grew up listening to vinyl on THIS SAME turntable recently purchased a new stylus as well as a pre-amp and I absolutley love it! great condition for being from 1982 and the fact it was stored in a damp basement for 2 decades.It Works like a dream,sounds like a dream other than the dust-cover is kinda scratched up but that's no big deal. My Only hope is that I can make this sucker last as long as possible from here on out considering I just recently starting using it ALOT again and have been purchasing tons of vinyl lately. I wouldn't trade this thing for the world so yeah def love the P-550.I don't know too much about other brands of turntables but I do know what high quality stereo sound is reguarding vinyl and this fits the bill! SOLID 8 out of 10

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