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Yamaha P-500 Reviews

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Yamaha P-500

8/10 by nfasso


The Yamaha P-320 has virtually identical internals. Use that service manual. Took me a week to finally find a schematic of this table, so I hope this saves someone some time.

I'm mostly posting this review for the service manual note above, as I don't feel very qualified to review turntables, but here goes: This is a sturdy, very attractive table. The tonearm is nice and extremely light, and the arm descends onto the record very delicately. I particularly like how the strobe is setup: you look at an angle down into a little window next to the Yamaha logo, keeping the light generally out of view. Once you've set the speed, it holds pace well and doesn't need a lot of attention. The buttons are a little mushy, but they function fine, and all automation mechanisms are easy to use. The sound is a little quieter and less crisp than my linear tracker Technics SL-Q6, and as of right now I'm not sure which I prefer (this might need a new cart/stylus).

8/10 by fscl

Son's good friend had this table given to him and asked me if it wsa still good. Dusted off, cleaned, lubed with a new cartridge and stylus, she's singing like a champ. Direct drive is quiet and dead accurate. Easy to set up full automatic with quick manual capability. Tonearm matches well with low medium to medium high compliance cartridges. She's singing now with an AT-100E w/ 12s stylus. Solid performer.

8/10 by SFloridaMusic

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