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Yamaha P-220 Reviews

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Yamaha P-220

Yamaha P-220

9/10 by turntableguru

A much under appreciated turntable. A metal base and resin plinth do their job to isolate external resonances. The mat, as in so many budget decks is critical to the sound of the whole unit, isolating any spurious resonances. Like ALL budget decks (those with dust covers) the dust cover detracts from the sound adding resonance. All my testing was done with dust covers removed. Side by side against my Rega Planar 2, there was little sonic difference when playing progressive rock and pop. It was only when playing Earl Wild on a Chesky pressing that the Yamaha stood out from the Rega. That's right! Against the Systemdek and Linn LP-12, the Yamaha sounded muffled and less lively. Now this is on classical Chopin piano solo. On Pop and Rock with it's limited dynamic range one could spend a fortune and not best this humble Yamaha. 5 stars as an outstanding value and solid sonic performer. Side by side comparisons done with same pressings routed through a switching unit using Shure Type III's with HE stylii. Using a double blind test method, 3 golden eared audiophiles then gave their impressions. A modified PAS3x into a Mark Levinson amp driving original IMF TLS 50 mk II's was used only as that was the system of the week.

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