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Yamaha P-200 Reviews

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Yamaha P-200

8/10 by dryland1

I got one on Ebay for $12! Like new in the box fitted with a Signet 3Ea cartridge. Frankly, it sounds as good as my Rega RP1. Too bad no manual included and VinylEngine does not seem to have one - although the P-220 manual that is available is very similar.

9/10 by peterb666

Surprised you haven't got any info or proper reviews of the Yamaha P-200. I had this turntable for over 20 years. It replaced an Acoustic Research AR77xb turntable which was an absolute pain to change speeds.

The Yamaha P-200 had very neat 1980s Yamaha styling, great build quality and just kept going until the ex-wife took it.

I have seen refurbished versions of these turntables command quite good prices, way above what you would expect. Great if you can pick up one in good condition for a reasonable price.

5/10 by boxi0

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