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Yamaha GT-750 Reviews

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Yamaha GT-750

Yamaha GT-750

9/10 by xevman

Make no mistake this is no GT-2000 despite the similar appearance however it can be had for a significant sum less than the prior and unless you have a super high end system you probably wont all the sonic benefits the higher end table has to offer.

The GT2000 was a statement product and is in a different league in construction compared to the 750. The 750 is more of a turntable for the mainstream, thats not to say its bad by any stretch but I figure I say this before I trigger any GT-2000 owners with the review.

Despite common belief the GT750 is pretty much the same table as the GT-1000 however the GT-1000 was quickly discontinued and replaced with the 750.

First things first this is a solidly built table. Weighing well over 15kg its extremely resistant to external resonances and vibrations as a result and it has very good feet which decouple the player from whatever surface is on.

The platter is very solid and heavy and with its well engineered mat it is extremely resistant to ringing.

Tonearm is a YA-39, pretty much identical to the one thats featured with the GT2000 however with a slightly different finish. This is a fantastic tonearm with very low friction bearings and good tolerances. I'd put it up there with a lot of more modern contemporary tone arms when it comes to its bearings and lack of play (mines perfect after all these years) All the adjustment that you would ever need VTF VTA AZUMUTH and even a clever overhang adjustment built into the stock HS-11 headshell. The arm is a bit on the heavier side (22g) so moving coil cartridges such as the DL103 are a natural pairing.

Motor is silent has plenty of torque and has a quality bearing, one thing to mention is sometimes the platter can seize to the spindle if it hasn't been removed for a long time. Very important to ask the seller if this happens because its a total pain in the neck to remove. As for operation its very simple there arent any automated functions, some turntables may have an auto lifter fitted but this is extremely rare so fairly bare bones in that regard.

This is definitely one of the better turntables you can find in the $1000 price range. It is definately better then all the modern contemporary options at the price point.

I will say though don't pay too much more for it than that because you might aswell go for a GT2000. Try to get one with the original headshell as they are hard to find and expensive on their own.

In my system at least with the same cartridge it was very very close to the GT2000 that I borrowed from a local forum member with the latter having a bit more poise and control on difficult recordings (such as classical) probably attributed to the lower W&F. I'm not going to go into detail when it comes to the sound of this unit as that all depends on your system the cartridge you are running and the preamp.

Honestly would give it a 10 if the GT2000 didn't exist.

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