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Voyd The Voyd Reviews

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Voyd The Voyd

Voyd The Voyd

10/10 by j59j

I've had my Voyd+ (Reference platter and bearing but standard motors and split phase supply) from new in about 1990, supplied by Mike of MJS in Hinkley. It's place as my front end of choice has never been in doubt. There's a real synergy between it, The Helius Orion and Audio Note IO cartridge. The PSU has been repaired / modded by Russ Andrews after one of the clocks failed but a few belts and a little bearing oil and occasional suspension set-ups aside, it has needed little attention to give a great musical performance over nearly 30 years.

10/10 by david_malcolm

After a number of decks, I decided on The Voyd, which I was lucky enough to buy second hand and in a modified state which had a number of improvements that the designer, Guy Adams, acknowledged. Fitted with an SME V and, currently, a Benz Mico Glider, it's a superb performer.

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