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U-Turn Audio Orbit Reviews

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U-Turn Audio Orbit

U-Turn Audio Orbit

9/10 by albee213

I purchased a used one about a year ago. It is a great player for the price and made in the USA. Testing wow and flutter it is rock solid. Mine tests at consistently 33.32 RMP (-.04%) and wow is .07%. Sound quality is very good. I only have a problem with the antiskate. It pulls to the center on blank records. I use mine to digitize records and can tell that the left channel is slightly louder than the right. I bought mine used and the stylist seems to be tilted a bit. Not sure if this is factory fault or user fault. I would still recommend this turntable if you do not mind manual operation. Antiskating adjustment would make this a perfect turntable for the price.

8/10 by spittenkittens

I bought an U Turn orbit, not expecting all that much. I was concerned about no anti skate and other tools I was used to. Plus a couple of plastic parts are not real impressive though I would not say cheap. My fears where gone using a stereo review test record. It passed all the tests I could muster. In the weeks since I got I am very impressed with the quality of sound. For a basic unit with quality parts and good engineering at this price is amazing. Adding the cueing device is a good idea, and the optional acrylic platter is a option that costs much less than a few others I have seen. Don't let the low cost fool you. I like well made and simple devices, the proof is in the pudding as the saying goes.

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