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Transcriptors Hydraulic Reference Reviews

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Transcriptors Hydraulic Reference

Transcriptors Hydraulic Reference

7/10 by abril

Utter classic - had one for 25 years used for most of the time with a damped glass platter on top-good sound,able to hear other changes - used with various arm cartridge combinations.Totally reliable,not an ounce of trouble,only trouble was it's sheer size.

10/10 by mtaba

A great classic. I have had one for the past 35 years and still works with no issues and problems.

10/10 by Alexis69

Great and iconic TT. Fantastic sound with SME 3009 II arm. Pure class

5/10 by malbee

i had one in the 80's. I used an old LP covered with chamois leather. Had to araldite the arm mount of the SME 3009 S2 FH to the base to get it to sound nice. VMS 20E Mk2 cartridge, tuned to 8-10Hz resonance. Got fed up with the monstrosity eventually and binned it.

10/10 by desertdog

very good sound with super detail if used with a plastic plater and thin silcon mat. ideal platform for sme 3009 arm with damping fitted.

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