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Thorens TD321 Reviews

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Thorens TD321

Thorens TD321

9/10 by Disbeliever

I totally agree with jacoder 57 I have owned my 321 for over 30 years since it was first introduced, has only required I new belt, IMO no other turntable sounds as good for the same money, far better than say a Linn, only reason I would not give it full 5 stars is that the finish marks too easily full 5 stars for SQ.

9/10 by jacoder57

I have owned and used an exemplar of this model for 30 years (since april 1986), since 1989 with an SME IV mounted. Despite the rumor of mismatch, the combination has been working excellently, continuously giving the digital chain a tough run. No service, no mods, except for the reversible one of demounting the metal bottom plate, putting the deck on four rubber feet.

9/10 by chisa

Excellent turntable. precise and stable speed. easy set up. intelligent choice of materials. classic looks. easy to work on. great sounds!

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