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Thorens TD2001 Reviews

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Thorens TD2001

Thorens TD2001

8/10 by CS-2000

I own my TD 2001 for about 11 years now and since this time and some upgrades (RDC-Base plate, counterweight from Phonosophie and a Thorens TPN-2000 power supply) this turntable is still blowing my ears away. The TP-90 mid-weight tonearm with its TP-95 headshell is perfectly adjustable for all important parameters and is a perfect partner for most affordable cartridges in the market, like Ortofon, Audio-Technica, etc.

But if you want to enjoy this unit for a long time, you have to adjust your sub-chassis correctly, renew the belt occasionally and change the bearing oil and polish the platter axle every 10 years.

And of course in terms of sound there is always improvement possible, but only at exorbitantly higher prices.

5/10 by DOURIK

I bought it immediately when launched by Thorens in 1989 to be my last turntable at a decent price

Fitted with an ORTOFON MC 10 Supreme

Now the PSU died and I replace it with the PRO-JECT model MPLMPR132 ( 500mA. i.e. almost 3 times the original PSU)

Splendid !

10/10 by zog22

Fortunate enough to recently acquire one of these beauties. Absolutely marvelous engineering. Smooth, classy , audiophile and convenient. Auto lift/stop at end of Lp means you can drift off at ease. I've bunged a Nagaoka 110 on the TP90 tonearm, sounds amazing but this T/T would be worthy of high priced superstar cart.

10/10 by JeanPaul

This is probably the end of a journey into finding a turntable that produces top notch quality AND has an automatic off. I work a lot from home and tend to forget the turntable playing at times, so an automatic turn off come in handy. I looked at the modern styled Thorens and the Pro-ject versions. However this one is still my type of choice. I use my NAD 3020 amp with build in MC step up, and AT-F5-OCC mc cartridge and I'm blown away. Good thing is that this table is adjustable on all fronts. And you need to do this. My belt kept slipping of and the adjustments on this table fixed it (after replacing with a new belt) I hope this one will be my partner in home music for year to come.

9/10 by jbcortes

The price/performance ratio of this table will leave you scratching your head. I would put it any day against a turntable costing multiple four figures.

10/10 by izzy69

10/10 by Wehmut

Are you kidding me? This is one of the most high end and well built tables of Thorens. Also have a modified TD 318, this thing (especially with the TP 90 arm fitted) blows away most tables.

6/10 by christere

Good turntable.
Had it manufactory tweaked for better performance.
However, this turntable was even as used overpriced IMO.

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