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Thorens TD150 Reviews

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Thorens TD150

Thorens TD150

10/10 by Cooler2k

Superb table!
Easy to setup, very solid built, easy to maintance. Bought mine in 2018, produced in 1966 - no problems at all. Bearing, motor - everything in great condition.
Sounds also very nice. Punchy bass, great soundstage, nice treble.
TP13a arm - is highly underrated! It is a great arm, very rigid and universal. It perfoms well even with lightweight shure v15-3 and heavy shure m3d. i think it will be ok even with some mcho carts. only minus is because of special headshell, which is not easy to find, and a bit costly. in comparsion with sme 3009 s2 arm, that i have on lenco75 table on td150 with tp13a the same cartridges sounds much more wellbodied, punchier, and with less distortion.

9/10 by lorenvet

I bought my second hand MK1 with an excellent Helius Scorpio arm; very good sound, modern, dynamic. A real bargain.

9/10 by djuli

I have this Thorens TD 150 mk ii turntable from my father who owned since 1970 and pass to me after he passed away.The sound is still amazing to me until now. With Shure M55E cartridge and N55E original. In 2016, the stylus replaced with N44E. The sound is still amazing to me. I already tried to AT95E and Shure M75 type 6, but for my ears, still go to Shure M55E.

10/10 by timS

Purchased the TD150 mkii used in 1972... still working great Ortofon VME 20mkii cartridge recently replaced with an AT95E ... soon time to lubricate the bearing ... this is one reliable turntable , recently added a `Q-hup` tome arm lifter comparativly inexpensive and convieniant.

10/10 by JCRL

Purchased new in 1967, still in use from this date. Just of course a lot of cartridge (Shure M75, M95, and AT 95) and a new tonearm Jelco SA 750D with a Denon DL103 cartridge. Perfect design and top quality.

10/10 by rigger1966

Wonderful sound and almost 3 dimensional imaging...Set up simple .Works amazingly with any Shure cart /combo..The TP13a arm is an undiscovered gem....Blown away and rediscovering my record collection...

9/10 by peelaaa

Bargain, solid build, made in west german. Great clear sound, plenty of bass

9/10 by atgunawan

I get the Thorens TD 150 MKII from a seller and also collectors, Excellent vintage turntable....

9/10 by czclan

When shopping around audiophile vinyl stores with the new and used equipment I was dead set on getting one of the new turntables and then someone had to play the Thorens TD150 MKII and it changed my mind entirely.

This Thorens has a more musical sound than any of the new turntables at 1K and under. Plus I hear more bass on this, even when playing new vinyl. So I ended up saving a lot of money by purchasing this turntable and getting better performance.

10/10 by ocoupy

An absolut must !
Simple, sturdy and solid as à rock....
Mechanical précision, great sounding (basses) easy tweaking

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