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Thorens TD147 Reviews

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Thorens TD147

Thorens TD147

10/10 by bartovsky

After having used hundreds of turntables, the Thorens TD-147 (had 4 in total last 5 years) is in my Top 3 of best TT's ever in the category below 1000 euros. Simply a fantastic product! Extremely rugged, easy to maintain and set-up, with many carts it sounds very good to stellar. TP-16 MkIII (or I change it for a MkIV even better) arm fits in perfectly (usually no arm problems/defects at all in a lot more durable -better plastic- than the later TP-90 arm). Goodlooker too. Can even compete with modern decks until 2000 euros. +++++ Thanks Thorens, I travelled most vinyl miles with you last 15 years! My Linn LP12 (sure high quality, very nicely detailed, layered, sparkling transparant sound great for when I am listening to classical music. but not allround.. sooo tame or brave or 'gentle') stands usually jobless aside most of the year, yes really... The Thorens is darker and less predictable, she can groove, rock and makes you jump! Musical style wise allrounder. TD-160S are equally good.

9/10 by manno2007

10/10 by sugdenboy

Wow, what an excellent turntable. I've had a few tables over the years, and this one is a real stand out. This is the Jubilee Edition, a beautiful piece of equipment. I've had a fully modded TD-160 with a hardwood plinth and Jelco tonearm, which was nice, and good sounding. But the stock 147 with it's shared TD-160 Super specs, is clearly the better sounding turntable. I was very fortunate the find one in immaculate condition, and believe that this may be my long term, if not last turntable. No modifications desired or necessary, in fact I believe that any changes would alter for the worse the magic that this turntable possesses. With a high compliance Audio Technica AT-155LC of the same generation, the sound stage is huge and deep with the being there presence. I am now a true believer in quality of the TP-62 (mkll) tonearm. Set up properly with a quality cartridge, the arm on this table sings better than any that I have had in the past, those that are supposed to be better. If you can find a TD-160 Super or TD-147, buy it without reservation. The 147's came with the stock tonearm and auto tonearm lift and shut off, a feature that I am really enjoying. Spend some time ensuring the that the table and arm are set up as they should be, and you will question the need to ever upgrade. Beautiful turntables, not to mention more and more collectible.

10/10 by NtD_71

The Thorens 147 - What can I say? Well, I wont be upgrading for quite a while. Off the bat (no mods), this sounds so detailed and clear, with an almost tangible sound stage using an AT 440ma cart. I am almost tempted to keep this TT as original as possible for fear of ruining my listening experience, but we all know it's just a matter of time until the inevitable tweaking begins in earnest. A highly recommended purchase, if you are lucky enough to find one, that is.

9/10 by Caputo1

Very resistable and durable Player with an excellent sound.

10/10 by Maxand

My TD 147 delievers the goods since 1984. Never an issue with this trusted companion. changed the belt once a couple of years ago.

10/10 by Bouler


10/10 by sparkydoo

The most collectable turntable in history, the icon of the era of vinyl.
Built to last indefinitely. Everything repairable if it does wear out(if ever).
Once you have used and adjusted one to your taste nothing comes close.
Most people don't have the arm or turntable adjusted correctly, from which comes negative views.

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