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Thorens TD145 Reviews

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Thorens TD145

Thorens TD145

10/10 by hebridean

I've got two and only ever had a Rega planar 2 to compare them to. The Rega I bought in 1979 though I wanted the Thorens which was more expensive, and I had it for ten years before getting my first Td145.
The difference was truly amazing in every way and I cursed myself for not having found the extra cash at the time, and a couple of years ago I bought another mk1 which I cleaned, serviced and dialed in so to speak and gave to my daughter. The original unit ive messed about with over the years latterly rewiring the tonearm, and can say I've never had any issues with its functionality. The autostop drifts a wee bit over the years, but is easily put right, and I tried soldering in new phono cables which were supposed to be an improvement, but they were quickly whipped out and the originals returned. In fact the units simplicity is to me it's endearing feature and there's an abundance of spares out there to keep it going forever!

9/10 by Thorens95

Very reliable and automatic stop is a plus
Looks really nice in a vintage HIFI equipment (combined with Marantz receiver & KEF loudspeakers)

10/10 by Ziggy RW

I have a secondhand TD-145 II for 12 years now It didnt need a service yet I spin daily 1 hour minimum a record. Sound great. i stick with an old FF 15 E cartridge. It serves my type of music (reggae). A very neutrual sound with good bass.

The 145 MK II has better bearings and thicker platter then the TD 160/145.

8/10 by rnshwa16

I picked up a TD-145 II back in 1980 I think, and have been using it since. I took it in for service only once, it turns out without cause. I thought there was a connection problem, and I had the original cables replaced. (The problem it turned out was elsewhere.) I replaced the original belt a few years ago. It was making a sound at the turntable, but was otherwise working. A spare I'd kept all these years took care of it. I appreciate the arm-lift at the end of the record, which adds a modicum of convenience without adding complexity. Nice low-mass tonearm, but intermittent problems with the wand's connection joint. Worked better with the Shure V15 V-MR than the Stanton 881S. A bit more rumble than the Technics SL-3300 I only recently acquired. Overall a fine turntable.

9/10 by robarm

Like 5string I have had my TD 145 since the seventies and have just rigged it up after decades in storage. Bought a new belt and pre-amp and it's now working beautifully in my new home in Portugal. It just needs a new pair of hinges for the lid and it will be perfect. My work around with duck tape is not the best look! Any ideas, guys? Nothing on eBay at the moment.

9/10 by 5string

I purchased this tt new in 1977, still working great. I'm a new member , just joined and want to thank all for an excellent resource here. My turntable has never been serviced, was in storage for years while children were young, yes I kept all of my vinyl !
Now I have a service manual and your wonderful tips and tricks to give it the love it deserves! Going to replace the cables when I service as well. THANK YOU ALL !!

9/10 by Kjs998

just got my td145 mk2 about a month ago. Price was right, free! So far have put on a new belt, 1/2 in MDF base, new bias 2 cart and cleaned up the platter shaft and bearing well. Just back into vinyl so I have nothing to compare it to but I really enjoy the sound. I would like to upgrade the rca cables at the terminal strip but I'm a little intimidated. Might just end up cutting the cables and connect to some female jacks at the back. For now though it is very pleasant to listen to.

9/10 by tnsilver

Very nice semi-automatic TT (tonearm lifts at the end of an LP and the motor shuts off - but no return) that is very much like the legendary TD-160. Mk-I came with a metal (Aluminum / Zinc alloy) sub-platter and a 10mm bearing. It also came stock with the classic TP-16 tonearm, that is an excellent (although under-rated) tonearm. The Mk-II had a slightly different plinth, a resin sub-platter and included the more modern IsoTrack TP-16 tonearm. The latter models of the TP-16 are, to some extent, an improvement of the classic model, mainly in the area of reduced effective mass. However, in general, some variations of it appear to consist of 'flimsy' looking mechanical parts (mainly gimbals and bearings) that do not seem to match the previous make quality.

The TD-160, TD-145, and TD-165 share the same service manual and they are very similar with the exception of the semi-automatic mechanism of the TD-145. The latter is a convenience, albeit it may easily become a rather 'pain-in-the-neck'. This happens when the inductance sensor at the bottom of the tonearm pillar begins to display misalignment and acts up in collaboration with the extra electronics that's responsible for releasing the on/off switch at the end of an LP, via a special relay. The extra mechanics and electronics and the added difficulty in maintaining both, might be considered by some as a disadvantage. In any case, it's a reliable TT that does not need too much constant maintenance and is rather easy (though, not fun) to fix.

Like many members of it's family (TD-150,TD-147,TD-160,TD-165,TD-166) the TD-145 is also a tweaker's heaven and can be subjected to numerous dampening, tonearm, wiring, plinth and power supply related modifications. There is just no end to what you can do with it - if you really think necessary. Out of the box,lock stock and barrel, it's a heck of a turntable that's built to last, with extraordinary build quality from another era. It's characterized by rhythmic and charismatic sound and as long as the drive belt is in good health, it will easily out perform turntables that are by many factors more expensive. Get one while you can!

10/10 by hotblood

A very good belt drive tt that win hands down against many others

9/10 by Distort72

Very capable table. Love the classic clean looks.

8/10 by buddybopper

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