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Thorens TD126 Reviews

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Thorens TD126

Thorens TD126

10/10 by branarad

My 126 electronic, with its TP 16 arm, made my quest for that perfect turntable over.

10/10 by lpman_t

This is the best sounding turntable I have ever owned. I loved it especially when I mounted the Akai PC 200 MC cartridge. The sound was very open detailed and full.I will have the tonearm rewired and serviced in the near future. I may even consider the tonearm change but I would be happy with the original arm as well.

10/10 by fidia

If perfectly serviced, with 5mm vinyl mat and Shure V 15VxMR, it is fantastic. Care for right signal cables.

10/10 by Studioremi

I have the Thorens TD 126 MKIII since many years and it works very fine. Recently on the SME III, I put a Virtuoso Wood cartrige.
The set up take much time, but the result is fantastic. The Wow & Flutter on this TT is quasi inexistant with this heavy plater weight.
I have modified the INPUT Rca plugs with golden plated and put a IEC 120 Volts. I plug it with a high grade electrical cable in a bank of dedicated 120V outlets for my analog group equipments...and the difference is audible, trust me.

10/10 by khulloeen

I have had many turntables Clearaudio Concept, Thorens TD 320, 320 Mkii, Thorens 318 MKii, Thorens TD 165 etc. The Thorens TD 126 MKiii with TP16 MKiii with Denon DL 103 is in a different league and lets me play all my record once more as if they were new - a lot of new details and musicality is revealed. I wonder what TT is better?

10/10 by Rudy Deblieck

A phantastic turntable, weighs a ton. I equipped it with a SME III S arm which is an even lower mass arm than the TP16 MKIII (effective mass is 5g !). Therefore needs a highly compliant cartridge but this TT gets the best out of MC 's. I use a AT OC9 MkIII and a Project tube phono preamp equaliser. The arm and the turntable are difficult to balance and I had a renowned specialist do it for me. But as it is this player extracts heaven out of all vinyl. I previously owned Dual 1214 (severe wow after 3 years) and Technics SLQ2 (not too musical). This Thorens is far , far better and is reminiscent of the famous TD124

7/10 by Kajtsu

Difficult to put platter in balance, you have to take off bottom plate to get your hands to spring adjustments. TP 16/mk3 arm is very light(7,5g) but difficult to adjust. Do not use needle weight adjustment, slide tonearm weigt. Test antiscate by using test record(I use oscilloscope + test record)- scale not very accurate. To get cartridge right assembled you need Thorens overhang gauge. VTA not the easist one to adjust. No quartz lock - speed is never accurate. Do not use heavy platter weight(max 200g when springs OK). When you get everything right sound is very good. This TT is good for jazz and rock, but not for electronic music(timing).I hope my rewiew did not depress you. This rewiew was to TD126 MK3 / TP16 MK3 only.

10/10 by goodguy309

I run thisTT with a Shure V15vxmr and I love it! Fantastic separation and bass!

HOWEVER, please be forewarned that it it a semi-automatic table and it can be a pain to get the initial drop correct.

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