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Thorens TD125 Reviews

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Thorens TD125

Thorens TD125

10/10 by addicted2tt

One of the very best belt drive turntables out there IMHO. If you're getting tired of the exaggerated sensation of speed that most idler turntables exhibit, this model should be on your list.

5/10 by jorgestevesilva

I bought one in november. I am from lisbon and i went manchester (uk) to get it. It was from a young guy who inherited from the grandfather. When i arrived at my home, i cleaned it and i saw that the tonearm was bad assembled and it was impossible to heard the turntable with this tonearm lime it was assembled, in resulted of this the tonearm and table was all new. I replaced the wires of the sme 3009 tonearm for a good ones, bought a cartridge and a preamp, and it sounds like turntables with a price point of 5000 euros. Today I upgraded for a lyra Delos cartridge mounted on an head shell acoustic system arché, it sounds lovely, very musical.

10/10 by Superstoked

Ok so I started of with a Rega p1 liked it as a first foray back into vinyl. I then moved to a music hall mmf 5 which was a great table too but, like an idiot, I tried to upgrade the tonearm wires through a shop here in Tampa. They made it unusable, screwed it all up. Next up was a Thorens Td-166mk2 which I sold to get a project debut carbon, yet another mistake. I had heard the thorens 124, heard one and it was incredible! So needless to say my search for one began. The usual places, flea bay, audiogon, etc. One night I was on Craigslist when I came across a thorens 125 with a SME tonearm and a Ortofon 2M Bronze for $650. It was an hour from me so off I went. An older weird guy comes to the door to greet me. A really strange fellow. Anyhoo I bought it and came home. Turns out the Ortofon was a 2m red and I didn’t notice till I was home. Lesson learned. I have a blue stylus so on it went. I bought a new thorens belt from Rutherford audio and installed it. This table is one of the best purchases of my life! Love, love, love it. I’m listening to it as I’m writing this review. The table has become my prized possession! It’s kinda big and a little ugly, but the sound man, it’s incredible! Dead quiet, platter spins effortlessly. The fact that it’s a 40+ year instrument is a testament to its build quality. I can’t rate it high enough! Thinking about sending it to Dave at vinyl nirvana, but I just couldn’t be without it for 8-10 weeks nor could I forgive myself if it got damaged during shipping. If my house were to ever catch fire, this table will be one of the things I grab on the way out!

10/10 by lizchair63

A good old German machine that works like a,
Swiss made

10/10 by DR_janero

Bought mine with an SME arm in 1970-- its 48th (!!!) birthday is around the corner.
A superb instrument.

10/10 by lenjack

I had one in the 70's. It was perfect. Don't know why I got rid of it.

9/10 by marianisimo

as turnable fan, try to build some kind of collection.
So far, Thorens TD125 is my own reference vintage turntable.

Of Course, still looking good opportunity to cuy a TD124.

Better results with tonerm Ortofon rs212, than standards tp tonearm.

will try SME tonerms soon.

10/10 by kkm67

Dont know if it is one of the best Thorens, but it's the best TT i ever owen't - Ist's a 1968 125 mk.1 whit SME 2000 Plinth System, Ist's very big, and have to stand on its owne stand .
The tonearm are ClearAudio Clarify 9'w/ortofon kontrapunkt B. Pickup.
Via the RPM Calculator App. i can measure that it speed velocity are 33.333..
Its very easy to live whit, the sound are very came, lot of dynamik - it make my stomach feel good..

10/10 by RIKINTPA

Not to be rude...But if anyone does not rate the TD-125 even with the factory arm a minimum 8.5 please have your Table serviced or upgraded or you may need other signal chain equipment because something must be wrong with it! As for my review I am fortunate enough to have an Original TD-125 Long Base with an SME 3012 and I switch between a Denon 103R and an Ortofon 2M Black...To quote some others here to replicate the quality of this set-up table you would have to spend $10k on a similar modern table of today.

9/10 by antennaguru

My Thorens TD125 Mk2 is a Great Turntable with very stable speed accuracy due to its Wein Bridge Oscilator Speed Control Circuit! Mine has been upgraded with the Thorens Acrylic Platter, a home-made Acrylic Arm-Board, and a Helius Aureus Tonearm. I also own a Linn Sondek LP12 with a Fidelity Research FR-14 Tonearm. The reason I mention the Linn is because I put an Ortofon MC25FL cartridge in each of these turntables' tonearms for the sake of comparison, and while the Linn is a very nice sounding turntable the Thorens not only sounds nice but is far more revealing and provides much more insight into the record you're listening to! Of course it's far better built too!!!

10/10 by reverend norm

Simply wonderful. Most turntables, unless you want to spend a small fortune, cannot touch this wonderful intrument. It set the standard.

10/10 by alionida

Great looks, sound quality is very very high. Very musical.

10/10 by

I own two of them, one with the SME3009/AT OC9 and one with an Ultracraft/Audiocraft Unipivot arm and a Goldring Elite MC. My favourite Thorens ever..

10/10 by jimimonet

Had my MKII since 1974 with SME 3009 S2 Imp and I think it is a great combination still working great.

9/10 by t-rick

Very heavy well built Classic that will stand the test of time.

8/10 by acek

5/10 by jedlicka

Bought the TD 125 in 1974! Still working like a charm. Is this world record?

8/10 by desertdog

Yes i agree a very well made and good sounding unit. certainly the best Thorens i have used, very good partner for SME 3009 arms.

10/10 by anatech

I got this table with a totally botched repair attempted by the Canadian distributor. Wrong transistors even! Otherwise in good shape though.
10/10 - why? It redefined my expectations of what performance a turntable was capable of. Added a Platter Matter for a further improvement. This turntable deserves competent service, so I think the comments about service by flavio81 were laid at the feet of the wrong party. You can't blame a well designed table for incompetent service people. I have repaired my share of service disasters on these.
Buy one and care for it. If anyone has a Platter Matter available as a new product, make it known please. They work extremely well.

9/10 by flavio81

Sound quality = near 10/10 after servicing and modifications to kill the resonances inherent to a thick mettalic suspended top plate.

I'm giving it a 9 instead of 10 just because servicing an unit that is not in perfect shape can be laborious. Also 1 point less because of the stupid, idiotic clutch on the motor spindle, and because the way the spindle is placed, it's all too common for an idiot owner to transport the turntable platter on, let the platter slip and whack the motor spindle knocking it out of alignment. Which will set back Flavio lots of hours to straighten it out.

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