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Thorens TD124 Reviews

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Thorens TD124

Thorens TD124

10/10 by jbp

My TD124 mk ll with SME 3009 was my turntable and my favorite long time ago and now brought back to life - after more than 30 years of inactivity - still going strong and sounding great!

10/10 by hc_17

MY TD124 with SME M2-12R, Shure M3D,when it's play U wouldn't move but only change yr faviour records! What a TT !!

10/10 by audiolvr

Classic turntable! Very life like sound using a SME 3012/SPU combo. A classic SME is a perfect match for the TD124.

9/10 by david_malcolm

Thorens TD124 Mark 1 with SME 3009 tonearm and Sure M75E type 2 cartridge saved from being slung in a tip. The first impression is how great the timing is. Not quite the bass control my Voyd/SMEV/MicroBensGlider has, but remarkable mid and high detail.

5/10 by kaplang

Not as good as some but better then others. Very over rated.

10/10 by martin0028g

I went from a VPI TNT to the venerable Thorens TD-124. The Thorens has lifelike dynamics and absolutely destroyed the TNT, which sounded watery and vague in comparison. Used with a Moerch UP-4, Allaerts MC1 eco and Ortofon 2m blue. I can't imagine a better sounding 'table.

10/10 by stevied62

Morch up4/Ortofon rohmann
a quality combination with a TD 124

10/10 by Hauge

The best tt in my possession, and that by far! Got tree Lenco L75's, and four other Thorens'es, Td 150 Mk.II, 165, 166, 320 Mk.III/TP90. - But the 124 just has so much more ease, control and yet calm-/natural-ness that i just could'nt believe my ears when first brought it up with a Ortofon AS212 and Goldring 1022!
This Thorens is here to stay!

10/10 by dominiquemichel

A TD 124 with SME 3009 and Stanton 980LZS.
It just sound terrific with any kind of music.

9/10 by wall22

The best turntable with SME tonearm, sing more like a bird ....

10/10 by tesla

My TD 124 with a split-weight SME 3012 is fantastic! I will never trade it in or sell it.

10/10 by MBV

10/10 by kennethyuen

The best turntable of all time ! Superb for any classical music particular with 12 in tonearm arm. Built like a tank but sing like a bird !

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