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Thorens TD105 Reviews

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Thorens TD105

Thorens TD105

8/10 by ogssstump1

I have the TD105 MKII and I thoroughly enjoy it with an AT120EB cartridge. Of the other turntables I own (Technics, Mitsubishi, Kenwood, Pioneer) the Thorens TD105 sits on my main system. I actually run with a Stevenson curve on my cart alignment and it seems to work best for getting rid of inner groove distortion. Another note: avoid unshielded carts like the Grados. You will get some hum even with all the grounding in order (deck and tonearm/headshell). I've played with a few Thorens decks now and there seems to be one consistency - the motors are weak compared to DD units and many other belt drives out there. They are fine for the purpose and will run forever but best to stick with Thorens OEM belts for best results. Too much tension with a similar but not exact size belt and you'll be fighting startups that you may have to give a little nudge. The true beauty of the TD105 is the typical Thorens clarified butter-smooth low mass tonearm. If you're looking for a slightly above entry level audiophile deck and happen upon a TD105 - grab it! With the right alignment and cart choice, it's a great experience.

8/10 by ole-a

Due to his plastic look the Thorens TD 105 is unfortunately an often underestimated TT. As a matter of fact this is a well made and robust Player that convinces with excellent data. Combined with a Ortofon cartridge of the VM series this TT is a source of joy with a favourable price-performance ratio.

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