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Telefunken S 600 HiFi Reviews

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Telefunken S 600 HiFi

Telefunken S 600 HiFi

8/10 by tubesaurus

good results with MM cartridges, but with MC there is a little hum

9/10 by fj2525vl

One of the most underrated turntable always search for his Ortofon tonearm but great player!!

5/10 by hongqi

once i bought one s600 and planded to remove its tonearm for another tt. but when i received it i gave up this idea.i think it is good enough!

10/10 by Musicalissimo

One of the best turntables of all time. A true Hi-End. Comparable to the best - Garrard 401, Linn LP 12 Thorens TD 125 ...
Some assassins, by ignorance or prejudice, cannibalize him to remove the tonearm. Probably to assemble the tonearm in a much lower turntable.

9/10 by sombrero 1

this is a clasic turntable White a Heavy plate and a good ortofon arm it sounds verry good this is fine turntable

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