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Technics SP10 Reviews

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Technics SP10

Technics SP10

10/10 by Peter4103

Great table. It is the one I will stick with (I hope) for a long time. Have had a custom plinth made, for better sound quality at Acoustand in the UK and fitted it with the EPA 500 with a new AT33Sa. It is remarkable how this table sounds. Certainly the best you can get!

8/10 by abacus

power and precision sums up the sp10 mk2. yet to hear any idler or belt drive that betters a well setup sp10 mk2.

10/10 by chefducuisine

The Turntable that is better than an SP10 Mk II has to be developed. This simply blew away any competition - and there were some top names. Most of them don't come even close.

I am using mine with the obvious EPA-100 in an MPX plinth. Also an AT-1010 is a very good match as is a PUA-1600. Lucky to have them all and few more ;-)

Get an SP10 now and never look back.

10/10 by kerryp57

Have a Infinity Black Widow w/Shure(V15-VMR) mounted on a Technics SP10 Mk11. Great combination!!

10/10 by kttiong

I have owned a Garrard 301/ granite plinth/Denon 103 Cartridge. I also owned a Lenco 75 and 78. I thought I'm on top of the world until I bought this sp10 mk2. It completely blew me away. I have spent thousands of dollars to date on my Garrard 301 and sadly to say I have to park it aside and leave a good space for my sp10 mk2! Whoever out there still hesitating to commit a sp 10, think no further. All the above reviews are correct and true.

10/10 by qsysopr

Foll that I am, I sold my old SP10 MkII. Today I'm happe to have one back again. Mounted on a SAEC SBX7 base this turntable is hard to beat. It is rock solid, and when I put on my SAEC 308-SX with Highponic MC-R5 it feels like heaven.

10/10 by sp10

I have owned two of these decks and found them to be nigh on perfect, if I got a chance I would have another without thinking about it. From when Technics were at there best

10/10 by JaS

Excellent sound quality and durability

10/10 by gavin mcknight

One of the absolute best direct drive turntables ever built, i would easily have one anyday

10/10 by U-FM

11 out of 10! I stumbled on a SP10 mk II on eBay a couple of years ago, completely customized for broadcasting and build into a flightcase. I won the bid for a price that almost felt like stealing. This is just one solid piece of equipment! My weapon of choice for studio use.

10/10 by shark7

A dreamplayer with EPA100. SL1000 plinth is not ideal. Hint: Put the SL1000 on a granite plate and a bicycle tube underneath for ultimate decoupling from all vibrations...

10/10 by russellswanborough

The holy grail of turntables. Unquestionably superior.

10/10 by Auxiliary

This is my final choice.

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