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Technics SP10 Reviews

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Technics SP10

Technics SP10

10/10 by Ccptan

Iconic for a very good reason. Simply the best TT I've ever heard. Including some high end belt drives. Has power and finesse at the same time, amazing detail retrieval which captures the true timbre of music and you can hear the space it was recorded in. Whisper quiet with blackness of background. Both wide and deep soundstage and you can identify where instruments are in space. This look like it could be the end game deck.

10/10 by Peter4103

Great table. It is the one I will stick with (I hope) for a long time. Have had a custom plinth made, for better sound quality at Acoustand in the UK and fitted it with the EPA 500 with a new AT33Sa. It is remarkable how this table sounds. Certainly the best you can get!

8/10 by abacus

power and precision sums up the sp10 mk2. yet to hear any idler or belt drive that betters a well setup sp10 mk2.

10/10 by chefducuisine

The Turntable that is better than an SP10 Mk II has to be developed. This simply blew away any competition - and there were some top names. Most of them don't come even close.

I am using mine with the obvious EPA-100 in an MPX plinth. Also an AT-1010 is a very good match as is a PUA-1600. Lucky to have them all and few more ;-)

Get an SP10 now and never look back.

10/10 by kerryp57

Have a Infinity Black Widow w/Shure(V15-VMR) mounted on a Technics SP10 Mk11. Great combination!!

10/10 by kttiong

I have owned a Garrard 301/ granite plinth/Denon 103 Cartridge. I also owned a Lenco 75 and 78. I thought I'm on top of the world until I bought this sp10 mk2. It completely blew me away. I have spent thousands of dollars to date on my Garrard 301 and sadly to say I have to park it aside and leave a good space for my sp10 mk2! Whoever out there still hesitating to commit a sp 10, think no further. All the above reviews are correct and true.

10/10 by qsysopr

Foll that I am, I sold my old SP10 MkII. Today I'm happe to have one back again. Mounted on a SAEC SBX7 base this turntable is hard to beat. It is rock solid, and when I put on my SAEC 308-SX with Highponic MC-R5 it feels like heaven.

10/10 by sp10

I have owned two of these decks and found them to be nigh on perfect, if I got a chance I would have another without thinking about it. From when Technics were at there best

10/10 by JaS

Excellent sound quality and durability

10/10 by gavin mcknight

One of the absolute best direct drive turntables ever built, i would easily have one anyday

10/10 by U-FM

11 out of 10! I stumbled on a SP10 mk II on eBay a couple of years ago, completely customized for broadcasting and build into a flightcase. I won the bid for a price that almost felt like stealing. This is just one solid piece of equipment! My weapon of choice for studio use.

10/10 by shark7

A dreamplayer with EPA100. SL1000 plinth is not ideal. Hint: Put the SL1000 on a granite plate and a bicycle tube underneath for ultimate decoupling from all vibrations...

10/10 by russellswanborough

The holy grail of turntables. Unquestionably superior.

10/10 by Auxiliary

This is my final choice.

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