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Technics SL-QX300 Reviews

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Technics SL-QX300

Technics SL-QX300

7/10 by childofman

Owned the SL QX300 from 1985 to 2005. Yes its was built very well, good sound isolation from ground and bass interferences. Never had a problem with it. BUT... I never fell in love with this model. Yes the main cover is metal and this gives a reliable feeling. Yes it sounds ok with the EPC 33 which was the origin moving magnet cartridge. But it never transport the wonderful emotions of any Technics model before 1982, like all of those SL-12xx, SL-13xx, SL-14xx, SL-16xx or SL-17xx. In comparison to SL-Q3, Q2 or Q33 I would prefer them. The models are maybe not really better, but gives you more Vinyl feeling. The SL QX300 and especially his tonearm are high precision and well done but very boring in handling and optics. I sold it. Today i use a Technics SL-M1.

9/10 by niepco

30 years and still working perfectly.

10/10 by Isidore Cat

9/10 by Decibel_116

Unbelievable build quality and environmental isolation. Just the right feature set and specifications that are almost impossible to surpass. The only reason I gave it a 9/10 is because the thumbscrew adjustment on the counterweight can cause the dustcover to interfere with the auto-return feature of the tonearm. I am speaking about having to adjust the counterweight further out to accommodate a T4P cartridge that has greater mass than the 6.0g the standard requires. If the screw is backed out too far, the end of the screw may contact the dustcover if it is in the closed position and cause the tonearm to bind up. This can be compensated for by adding a washer behind the set screw. This is one of Technics finest.

6/10 by Roman49

10/10 by sanduteodor

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