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Technics SL-QL15 Reviews

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Technics SL-QL15

Technics SL-QL15

10/10 by makdiver

I love unfashioned hifi devices, so I bought a SL-QL15 in a very good shape. The cart is a P-33s, the stylus unknown. My amp is a Pioneer SX-800A - sounds great together.

10/10 by ariendj

Very very quiet (low rumble) and rock solid (low wow and flutter). Needs minimal maintenance. Give it some new bearing oil, new grease and a new belt every decade and you'll be fine. Because it is so very quiet and so stable it will make any good needle show its full potential. Currently I use it with a AT 102EP cart with the ATN440MLb stylus and it sounds fantastic. At first the T4P tonearm seems limiting but even in 2018 while I write this you can get used AT, Ortofon or Technics carts and use them with brand new micro-line or shibata needles. You really should. This turntable deserves the best needle you can afford. Even good Jico replica elliptical needles will hold this table back. Go for the micro-line or shibata and you'll be rewarded with excellent sound.

8/10 by E_m

Awesome TT. Picked mine up in a charity shop recently for £45! Sounds great and is a slice of 1980s electromechanical automation heaven. Line up a bit of brothers in arms and pretend you're an extra on Ferris Buellers Day Off.

Mine came with a technics p33 cart which sounds great, lots of detail. I'd like to replace the cart with something that I can buy a new stylus for, but top quality p mount carts are non existent these days, so this is the drawback of this TT.

The only other slight negative is that mine doesn't always find all the tracks on some LPs. Typically if an LP has more than 6 tracks on a side, the sl-ql15 struggles. Maybe mine needs a little service.

Otherwise very happy. Just to see a pulsing LED indicating which track is playing is brilliant!

10/10 by miccos

I had the great fortune to get one of these in the family home at the age of 11, and it is with me to this day. Amazing reliability, solidity, and musicality. I dabble with other turntables but always return to the QL15. To reiterate tomez2's statement, it is simply fun, and makes music listening joyful. Highly recommended.

10/10 by tomez2

Works Flawless after decades of use. This model may be the underrated sweet spot model in the Technics linear tracking line. Yes the Sl-7, 10, and 15 get all the raves - BUT - this model does not have the drawbacks such as buttons on the head shell, locking clamps prone to break, and a record clamp that becomes trouble with age. Perfect quartz speed stability, extra weight that helps reduce resonance / vibration, adjustable tracking force, and excellent sound! I have many tables including an SL-1200..... Guess which one is used constantly? Yep - Sounds fantastic. Added in with excellent technics build quality and reliability, I highly recommend this table if you are looking for a fully auto direct drive or plug and play with superb sound quality. OR, just a plain old darn good record machine. Two other things; the arm drive belt is very easy to replace once every 20 years or so. Don't let that scare you. Also, the programming function works almost perfectly! It is great for used records that have a damaged or warped track you would prefer to skip, or for precisely finding a specific track. Again, any of the Technics linear tracking tables are well above average, but this model seems to have all the best features without the problems of some their upscale models. NOT A TOY AT ALL. Might be my overall favorite Turntable of all time. Just plain fun to own and use

10/10 by Lo-Watts

A hidden gem. I have compared it to my other turntable-cartridge combos with my investment being over $2,000. Using the Technics P22 Cartridge and a Jico Shibata Stylus it is always the musical choice.

10/10 by achillesbb

I love this turntable! It is so easy to use and with the right cardridge it sounds very great.

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