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Technics SL-QL1 Reviews

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Technics SL-QL1

Technics SL-QL1

9/10 by j59j

I picked up an SL-QL1 on eBay a few years ago for about £13. It was US spec. so needed a power converter (about another £10) to use in the UK and had no stylus (which a friend who also had one was able to supply for the price of a couple of pints). It is ridiculously good! This is a beautifully constructed deck which produces very satisfying musical results. It is also a very sophisticated unit, so, there is a lot to go wrong - but everything still works on mine and my friend's too. It is well worth upgrading from a basic stylus to something more exotic. Sadly, eBay prices have (mostly) caught up with this deck's true worth. Still, it oozes quality and is a great second-hand buy.

8/10 by Selectivelibrary1

A real performer! I've owned a scarcer black one of these since 1995 when I found it at a thrift store for $10. Outside of replacing the arm belt a couple of years ago and upgrading the cartridge this table has never let me down. Very well built, nice looking, stable speed, fast search and lots of control. Great mute function too. If you can find one for a reasonable price, don't be afraid to get it. Don't be shy about it because of the cartridge options. There are many T4D P Mount cartridges available if you look. I use a very nice high output moving coil Ortofon in mine and love it. Unless you're a cartridge snob T4D stuff is quite handy. No issue with setup at all. Just Plug'n'Play.

10/10 by Jarchila

I just scored a brand new never used SLQL1 in rare black color with a brand new original P202c cartridge with original unused boron cantilever and elliptical stylus. I have the Sl-5 for 30 years and just bought an SLJ2. This SLQL1 and catridge is absolutely amazing and well beyond the others in build quality. Miles Davis Some Kind of Blue 180 gram version comes to life and I just left the Blue Note having had the privilege to hear he great Ron Carter and his quintet play live. I have the Grado green, Ortofon 20 and AT450LT/LS and this Technics P202c is just spectacular. Really amazing what Technics could deliver back in the 1980's. Now onto Getz/Gilberto Verve 200 gram.

Stan Getz and Joao Gilberto
Getz / Gilberto (Verve 1963)
Analogue Productions Ltd Edition (USA 2011)
Mastered from Original Master Tapes by George Marino at Sterling Sound
2xLP 200gr @45rpm pressed at Quality Records Pressings

10/10 by nl artist

This was my first Technics tt and I enjoyed it. Cost me $10 including the original box. Bought a cartridge for it for $45. I liked the muting feature for cueing, the sensors in the platter, etc.

9/10 by dmsheehan

solid first linear tracking turntable and I really like it. Popped an audio technica at92e p-mount cartridge into it and it sounds beautiful and tracks really well. Will probably try some other cartridges with it, but the the at92e cartridge is a quality bargain for these p-mount machines. I have 6 pivotal arm technics turntables that I love, sl-1301 (two), 1401, q2, q303 (two) with some very expensive vintage cartridges and I have to say that this machine plays music very well. Am so impressed that I have also purchased a technics sl-q6 linear tracker...smaller footprint (album cover size) and programmable. For ease of use and quality sound I don't think that you can go wrong with the technics sl-ql1. It is substantial in every sense of the word.

10/10 by Ljud Ankan

The SL-QL1 is extra ordinary good sounding, the linear tracking system takes the best out of the cartridge and even records that are slightly scratched sounds great. Together with Ortofon OMP 10 it sounds terrific - no need to invest in more expensive system as the linear system give super good trackabilty. The only disadvantage is that the original EPC 22 (202) cartridge and the original stylus with boron cantilever isn't available any more.

8/10 by gator.swamp

This is a real niceTT. Compares to the SL-10 as far as TT specs go however it lacks the built in record clamp in the lid and a built in phono preamp.

A bit heaver due to a wider footprint and different base material.

Has auto muting and controls for arm lift. two speed slew rate for locating a track, repeat function and cut functions

Its larger width looks good too. Adds modern look to your system.

The 8/10 is for fewer cartridge selections available and for no record clamp in the lid

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