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Technics SL-QD33 Reviews

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Technics SL-QD33

Technics SL-QD33

10/10 by carpecarpium

I dug out my 30 plus year old QD33 recently and was really surprised how much I enjoyed spinning LP's after about a 15 year hiatus.

The turntable and Shure P-mount cartridge made the few LP's I had not sold years ago sound terrific (I recall replacing the stylus at least twice over the years) though the arm cue and tonearm lift and return no longer worked.

So now I have a manual table that requires me to train my fine psycho-motor skills.

But the rock solid accuracy of the platter's rotation --as confirmed by the still functioning strobe to say nothing of my ears-- is like I bought the table yesterday. I guess these quartz lock direct drive motors are as advertised when they first came out 35-40 years ago.

7/10 by lreneat

The Technics SL-QD33 is a decent turntable. It's main fault is that it does not have a cuing arm, just a slide cuing up/down option up front. A standard 1/2 cartridge mount would have been preferred for higher-end cartridges.

9/10 by HJVG

I agree when they say that this TT is under rated. Mine is almost 30 years old and bought it still boxed in the original packaging. The former owner was very keen on keeping it as new. It had a few minor scratches on the lid but managed to polish it away with copper polish. Now it is as new. The only thing is that the auto play puts the styles very fast on the track but it doesn't seem to damage the record. I am not an expert but it sounds better then my Techics SL B21.(this model is build a bit to light but can be enhanced by putting weight in the bottom and rubber in the platter)The biggest difference are the feet with the springs in it...very good!!

9/10 by horgon321

Have been enjoying mine for 5-6 months now. Reproduction quality is good automatic operation is a definite plus all in all very pleased. Not fancy but very functional.

4/10 by PROGMAN1

I loved this turntable when I first got it but it broke after a couple of years.

10/10 by vlyashkov

My opinion might be different but I will put 10/10 with no hesitation. I have had plenty of TTs. I still do repair ones for self and friends. Based on what I heard, this tiny machine is very misleading. It has a quarts lock. That is one. Simplicity and reliability are near absolute perfection designed. That is two. Base is a little lighter than one would have but if you don't expect jumping around this TT trust me - weight is sufficient. And to me light-weighted unit is an advantage. That is three. Cartridge can be EASILY replaced w/o pain, as of your choice - it almost has no relation to machine drive etc. That is four.
I simply LOVE this machine and may recommend to anyone with confidence and without hesitation.
If Akai GX-7/9/912/ tells you somethings - trust me, this is a Technics TT equivalent from the ancient times.
Its a beauty - perfectly designed and built to work forever. That is why other review mentions that 30 years in service is NOT a problem at all.
To balance my review I need to worn you that LC6526CPA IC (chip) is not easily purchasable due to obsolescence. At least you will know that it could be a problem. But in my practice I saw only one SL-DQ22 with a faulty IC.

Often people think that buying very expensive device is a guarantee of the success, It is not. As a matter of fact, i saw and know how 2 orders more expensive units were abused by putting Bass +16 dB as well as Treble in absolutely inappropriate for Hi-Fi listening room.
I work for oilfield service company and would love to see anyone in industry developing tools with resource and perfection approaching max 1/10 of this SL-QD33 durability and perfection.

Sep 11, 2015

7/10 by Mitch Lee

I am running mine with a AT8008 cartridge. It is by far the newest and most lightly constructed and most convenient turntable I own. And I have dozens. The sound is good. The convenience is GREAT! Its low profile fits well in tight spaces. The P-Mount is simple. VTF is adjustable within a narrow range. Mine has been running in the study, not the music room, for about 30 years with not a single issue. Well, other than the one thing I did not like about it from the start. It is fully automatic. Well, that's good for my study. BUT it is FAST. Press stop and the arm races back to it cradle. Press play and it just can't wait to touch vinyl. No waiting. The problem it this means it sets the stylus down in the lead-in groove harder than I would like. It does not seem to cause any problems. And I have had several automatic turntable that really DROP the stylus. BUT I prefer the stylus to float down and ease its way into the groove. Hey, I am in no hurry. Relax. Fully automatic need not mean Type-A personality turntables.

8/10 by opticnirv

I really enjoy my Technics Turntable SL-QD33 and here is why:

Love control buttons facing up, I can keep the lid closed and press start whenever I want to hear the record that is in there. Good tactile button feel, repeat all button there if desired. I believe this turntable is from around 1986 so not the heyday of turntables but definitely not the junk of present day.

The strobe is there, nice soft red glow to confirm quartz lock.

Easy to change the cartridge as it is a pmount and you can get an excellent inexpensive one from audio technica as I have.

The only downside to me is that I like S shaped arms but just aesthetics really and those usually use the 1/2 inch carts which can be a pain to calibrate.

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