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Technics SL-Q5 Reviews

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Technics SL-Q5

Technics SL-Q5

9/10 by tomez2

I have the non-quartz SL-5 version. Unlike many of the plastic fantastic tables out there, technics actually made well designed and engineered ones. The SL-Q5 and any of their direct drive linear brethren are reliable and sound great, yes for what they are, but also compared to the currently available low to mid priced new tables. Easy on the vinyl, and easy to use and setup + automatic as a bonus!!!! If you find a nice one at a good price, grab it. You will find these were not a toy.

10/10 by Xena [+]

I bought mine new in 1982 and it still (Dec. 2014) works perfectly!

8/10 by dvdk

steady after all these years

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