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Technics SL-Q350 Reviews

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Technics SL-Q350

Technics SL-Q350

8/10 by tomez2

Like most Technics turntables, this one is simple, reliable, and sounds great. P-Mount tables may not be taken seriously, but used with the right in spec p-mount with a proper stylus they can sound wonderful. Quiet, rock steady speed, and fully automatic and easy setup. I've had great (even stunning) results with Pickering/Stanton p-mounts with stereohedron, AT carts with Line Contact, Grado, and even Technics cartridges; all of which have new styli available (except the Stereohedron, which takes a little searching. tracking force can be adjusted by a phillips head screw at the back end of he tonearm. Some p-mounts have anti-skate adjustment, but this one does not. It is factory set to 1.25 gr., so the only way to fine tune is to use the tracking force adjustment to match the anti-skate.

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