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Technics SL-Q300 Reviews

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Technics SL-Q300

Technics SL-Q300

6/10 by albee213

Picked one up for $20 in good shape. I normally use a manual turntable and wanted to try a fully automatic one. All functions work perfectly. Tested speed, wow and flutter. Unit spins at 33.2 (-.34%) and .08 wow and flutter. That's in acceptable ranges. I would prefer tighter specs but it is almost 40 years old. Sound quality is pretty good. I am totally sold on automatic tables from now on.

9/10 by clpwsheehan

Purchased new, came with an Audio-Technica VectorScan cartridge (VS225EP). Used from early 1980's through to about 1996. Got boxed up safely for a cross country move but ended up in storage until 2016. So after 20 years in a box, it all still works very well. Thanks to direct drive, no belt! :-)
Currently looking for a replacement cartridge just because of age, original one still works.

8/10 by hiho

Owned mine since '83. Great, and simple to address entry level turntable. Three cartridges in since new, and never been an issue. Rock steady baby!

9/10 by stumper

I bought one new in the early 80's...still have it. P-mount, though harder to get good cartridges makes everything so much easier. I'm really not sure how it could be a lot better. I get NO hum, the speed stays the same and I can really tell the difference when I change cartridges.

8/10 by megatrends

I've owned one of these since the early 80s and it still runs perfectly and all the buttons work. A very good sounding turntable for its class.

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