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Technics SL-Q3 Reviews

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Technics SL-Q3

Technics SL-Q3

9/10 by backarelli

It's sound amazing olso with Nagaoka MP-110 ! (in my case and my ears, beter then AT-120) . I love this tirnable !

9/10 by bongos55

I have owned a lot of Technics decks: SL-3350, SL-1350, SL-D303, SLD-1500, SL-B202, SL-QD33 and the SL-Q3. Even though some were higher end, the SL-Q3 is hands down my favorite. It's right at the cusp before the cheaper plastic Technics decks, it's still burly but uses the newer technology of quartz control - eliminating the speed issues that need to be fixed in the non-quartz decks. It's gorgeous to me - compact, stocky, solid platter, super strong direct motor, nice tone arm, great cue and lift dampening and dead on tracking. I too use it with an AT120 and it sounds great. Two down sides: the cheap tab dust cover and I wish the manual cue/lift mechanism was on the control panel outside the dust cover, like some of the other models - but neither is a deal breaker at all. Love this deck so much, I now have two along with my Sony PS-X6 - which is great too, but not as spot-on as my SL-Q3's.

9/10 by tomez2

Sounds Fabulous with a Denon DL-103. I have a large cart collection, and this table works well with every one of them, from low compliance heavy / downforce, to light tracking / high compliance. No Hum from my Grado carts either. Found my SL-Q3 at a Goodwill (embarrassed to say how little I paid) and it had an Empire MI cartridge on it..... couldn't buy it fast enough! A little dusty, but not scratched or broken. Just a few lid scuffs which I buffed out. Lubed the bearings and sprayed de-oxit on appropriate contacts just in case. 30+ years old and works perfect. I have several technics tables, including an SL-1200 mk2, and agree with the previous reviews - It is hard to find better value in used tables than most of the technics lineup and this model is right up there with their best. pretty much a poor man's 1200 with full auto. Drawbacks? No target light for manual cueing and no Arm height adjustment. No biggie. Also if you use the screw in tonearm aux. weight to add mass required by certain cartridges, it will hit the dustcover if it is left on the hinges; a common issue on all S Shaped armed technics tables except the 1200, which has a larger deck top and more clearance for the lid.

10/10 by giannitufolli

I resurrected my Technics SL-Q3 about 5 months ago after having it in storage for almost 25 years. I dusted it off, plugged it in and it played perfectly just like the day I bought it. I love this turntable for all the reasons stated already. I gave mine an overhaul with a newly manufactured dust cover with reinforced hinges and a replacement cartridge. It now sports an Ortofon 2M Blue cartridge. The 2M Blue is a wonderful sounding cartridge on this classic Technics turntable. I am enjoying my LP record collection once again and am adding to that collection with new purchases. I particularly love those older jazz classics pressed on new 180 gram vinyl. My SL-Q3 / Ortofon 2M Blue combination has reintroduced me to some great music. Everything old is new again!

9/10 by levman0545

This is my favorite older Technics model turntable. Designed and sold in 1979 this table has a very solid plith with a nice heavy aluminum platter and 3 to 4 mm thick rubber matt.

It's speeds are quartz locked and reached very quickly. Gimbal balanced S shaped tone arm really is a great design. Is one of the more quiet tables I have heard once it's isolated properly from any vibrations.
The manual cueing is also very good with a nice dampened down and upward movement that all tables should have but don't.

If your looking for a good table to get back into vinyl again and don't want to spend over $220 this is the perfect table for you.
This and the SL-Q2 are both equally great as a semi-auto table is all I ever need. The amazing thing is that my table from 1979 works like it was bought about 5 years ago and thus you can't tell it's age at all.
It's a keeper as far as I'm concerned and they can be found used for about $200.

I'm using a new Shure M97xE MM cartridge with mine and it's a great cartridge to match up with this table.
Loving vinyl again like never before. If you want to do better you will have to double what you spend on this table to get a significantly better table/tone arm combo. 9/10 Sincerely, Steven Level

10/10 by Anderscastle

Steady and dead! Quiet. An absolute gem. If you ever find one, just buy it!
Had Lenco and Thorens for Many years and they were great, but this was just more reliable. No questions asked, just put a record on and drop the needle and this Will give you Many Many hours of listening pleasure. Mine is 34 years old and it never skips a beat. Completly original, Found it a thrift store and thought what the h**l let try this out for size and it has given me Many Many Many hours of listening pleasure. It handles nearly all Cartridge, so if you ever find one, just buy it!

10/10 by Tape+78

I own a number of turntables of various brands and most were far more expensive then the SL-Q3. This sleeper is by far my favorite. Solid and dependable. A real gem amongst the world of quality turntables.

9/10 by Mitch Lee

I use mine to transcribe LPs to digital format. Speed is very accurate and steady. With a Shure V15 III it tracks anything that is trackable. I have tried other carts in the Q3 and the Shure in other turntables, but this is the best tracking combination I have found for transcribing challenging vinyl! The wave forms are almost alway nice and clean. I tried linear turntables and new state-of-the-art carts but always got more mistracking on loud passages and more skips on damaged LPs. I should add that it sounds great too. Very versatile! Rock and classical, pop vocals and combo jazz, big beats and country fiddles all get just what they need from this relatively inexpensive, solidly built machine. Of course the dust cover and hinges wear out. Fortunately, there are about a thousand less robust Technics models out there that use the same cover and hinges with a different model logo stamped on the top! I've replaced my cover several times from dead TT donors.

10/10 by DjTommyB

I decided to get back into vinyl a few years ago and i picked up a SL-Q3 because of all the features. I was mobile DJ years ago and I used the Technics 1200's and they were indestructable, I figured the technics home tables were just as good, and I was right. It just works great, sounds great, and is really a mans man turntable. You can spend a lot more on a Marantz, or Thorens but dollar for dollar this is the best value out there in the vintage table market. And its quartz locked speed is dead on all the time. I really like the repeat function. Buy one and you won't be disappointed.

10/10 by izzy69

Killer turntable! Cold as ice and solid as a rock. One of my favorite DD TT's.

9/10 by Demort71

My first serious turntable was a Technics SL D3 that I bought new in 1979. It served me through college and until my little brother snagged it in 1995. I abandoned vinyl after that point, until 2013 when I bought my current SL Q3, a model that I couldn't afford when I bought the D3. Wow! I missed the boat because I don't remember vinyl sounding this good!!! This table was a recent (last week) eBay purchase for $150. It was delivered to my door today with a cartridge that I can't identify at present, but it sounds really decent, so I am going to run it for awhile.

The Q3 table is hooked up to a Sansui G5500 receiver with a pair of DCM CX27 speakers. The receiver is one of the best receivers ever made in my humble opinion! It's very clean, life-like and with more power than most will ever know what to do with. It can destroy most speakers if you let it! But don't tell anyone about it, because I want to get another one for upstairs.

This SL Q3 table has sold me again on the virtues of vinyl. I can hear instruments and sounds that are muted on digital recordings. Sure, I am still going to play some digital music, but I am going to alternate it with vinyl at home.

You can't beat old Technic tables like this one! (This model and its series was made 1979-80) I just took it out of the box, found a place to set it up, put it back together, hooked it up to the Sansui and away she went!! After I played a few albums, I was hooked on vinyl again.

These are nice tables that will do anyone's vinyl collection justice. Sorry, Technics were the tables to beat in the late 1970s. Put solid wood cabinets and add attractive color schemes on the other Japanese and European tables if you want, but Technics made the best table for your dollar! If there was any significant difference, it wasn't worth the extra money you spent to get it or performance you gave up. Buy one of the Technics tables from the period of 1978 and into the 1980s and you can't go wrong, even today!

10/10 by pumps100

I have had mine now for a couple of years and I like it more and more. Solid dependable deck and quite neat in size if you are tight on space. Has a handy repeat function where you can set the number of times you want to play the LP. I highly recommend it. I have the original colour sales brochure if anyone is interested.

8/10 by Indiansprings

My uncle gave me an SL-Q3 a few years ago. Just plugged it in and play. Sounds great. Always runs. Never been touched inside. Its a great starter deck. If you want something that just plain works and sounds great, nothing wrong with a SL-Q3. Rated a 8 just to be realistic. Not a high end deck. I have a craiglist stock Thorens TD160 that sounds better. None of the features of the SL-Q3.


With the AT 120 E it has an amazing sound.

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