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Technics SL-Q210 Reviews

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Technics SL-Q210

Technics SL-Q210

8/10 by kesh

The Q210 is a decent budget turntable, much as you'd expect from Technics at the lower end of the price scale. It's direct drive, steady as a rock, and as a lesser-known model it seems to sell for much less than the better-known SL-BD22 or QD33 for instance : great value in my opinion. The original Technics P30 cartridge and stylus sound very good.

I did find a problem with the allegedly pre-set P-mount tonearm though - the tracking force should be 1.25g, but it was all over the place. It turned out that the relatively thick tonearm wires were interfering with the balance, and I had to poke them apart where they drop into the tonearm shaft, lubricate the bearings, adjust the moveable weight in the tonearm stub and waggle the tonearm about to get the tracking force correct and consistent over the playing surface. Worth checking if you buy one.

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