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Technics SL-Q202 Reviews

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Technics SL-Q202

Technics SL-Q202

9/10 by oatstao

This is the last incarnation of the mid range consumer turntables by Technics (now called pro-sumer) which morphed into P-mount straight armed tt's- It is almost identical under the hood as the SL-1400MKII, minus a few features. When I compare this to a SL-1200MKII - it is like a little baby cousin. Much lighter (no rubber base) a smaller motor mechanism (not by much) Mostly same tonearm dimensions and materials, but no height adjustment. The buttons are nice but the power button is clunky. The automatic features are useful and seem logical for this market of turntable. Since it has all the same dimensions as a 1200 - it will of course accept all the fine cartridges a 1200 would. It does not have the torque of the 1200 so startup times are slooowww .. not a DJ turntable - at least not by design. Like the lighter base with no rubber, the platter is lighter as well and rings like a bell. It has some mild damping under it but it will have to be further deadened by a nice super-mat. Rubber tends to be best on a Technics direct drive. The feet are tiny little pegs that are on rubber grommet mounted in springs. They are useful but nothing fancy. They adjust slightly with with how much tension they will hold. I did a minor upgrade to the wiring system. There was a humming coming from the unit so I opened her up and replaced the RCA with new nice cables of a slightly thicker gauge as well as removed the ground cable mod. This mod was 10 times more difficult to do on this unit than a 1200MKII just due to the arrangement of the circuit boards and how many components have to be taken apart to get to the underside of the tonearm and to mount the wires properly. I ended up breaking the corner of the circuit board which the RCA leads solder to, (very crucial) but it was a part without any circuit trace so I just epoxied it back and went well. I fired the turntable up and no hum and the ground wire mod worked as expected. This is a recommended turntable for anyone that wants vinyl played at a rock solid quartz locked dependable manner and slick early 1980s style. I got really lucky with this turntable, I found it on the top of a electronics recycling bin pile just when it was starting to rain.

9/10 by meesterlp

Another top notch TT from an era when Technics was king of DD turntable's. Aluminum plinth, auto-return, removable headshell. Lacks tonearm height adjustment, otherwise a solid 10 score. I own a Technics 1800 mk2, and SP-25 as well, and this Technics is now my daily driver. Works, and sounds fantastic with the original OEM supplied Technics U-25 MM cartridge.

8/10 by sanQ

Very solid turntable. Can't go wrong with this one, it will last many decades and it sounds fantastic.

9/10 by OceanMang

i found one of these in somebody's garbage pile at the end of their driveway... their loss is my gain, great turntable and very easy to maintain/repair using the service manual. they just don't make them like they used to.

10/10 by izzy69

8/10 by bbr620

cannot fault this turntable. due to quartz lock, pitch holds rock solid all the way through and rumble is good at -78dB.

no pitch adjust so less to go wrong with it!

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