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Technics SL-Q200 Reviews

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Technics SL-Q200

Technics SL-Q200

8/10 by SpeakerMania

I picked up one of these very cheap because the cover hinges were pooched, and suspect some people were put off by it being a P-mount arm. Works like a charm, and with a P153 cartridge with a 718-DEE stylus, absolutely sings! Best $34 I ever spent!

8/10 by Vinylrocks9

I just acquired one of these and I must say I'm impressed with its performance. Quartz lock is rock steady and the simple design with p-mount is a great no-fuss system. Solid and reliable and I like the slim design. Jump on one if you can get for under $100.

8/10 by jackphoenix

Simple. Easy to use, doesn't sound exceptional, but defiantly a great stater table.

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