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Technics SL-Q2 Reviews

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Technics SL-Q2

Technics SL-Q2

9/10 by gw2

Excellent TT, especially for the price, and can easily be imrpoved with minor modifications. Speed is incredibly solid, with wow & flutter well within spec. This TT has most of the features of the higher end tables, minus tone arm height adjustment, and pitch control, but the speed is rock solid, and I'm not a DJ so I don't play with pitch control anyways! Plus it has autoreturn! Whuch is very convenient for me. I have some records where the runout groove runs into the label, but my autoreturn kicks in just before so I dont need to monitor it while playing them either, very convenient.

I got mine for a trade for some old computer stuff I had, came with the original cartridge, but I couldnt get a stylus for it except online so I was impatient and just went and bought an Ortofon 2M Red cart and a second headshell so now when the stylus comes I can swap them to see the difference in sound. I did have to repair the queuing lever, but I managed to get it working.

The rest of my setup is a Phono Box S preamp, to a Yamaha RX-V863 AV Receiver (105W per channel amplifier) and then to my JBL ES80 floorstanding speakers.

I get a very dynamic sound, but I intend to add some sound deadening material to the bottom of the platter and to fill the base with modeling clay and see how this affects the sound. I can't see a reason to shell out the money people want for an SL-1200 when this is selling in good shape for around $200.

10/10 by Snacks

There is a reason I bought one without a cover and cosmetically flawed for $80.00 yesterday. I knew the person selling it and know his techs quality of work.

I am AMAZED at how good it sounds thru my late 70's Sherwood S-7100A receiver ($60.00 from the same guy) and a pair of mid 70's Sonics. Can't wait to get those Klipschs thats for sure.

10/10 by conrailbob

I purchased this new. From reading this site, I assume it was in 1979. And yes, I was much younger. Has not been used since approx. 1993. Loved it when I used it and now since the kids are all gone , ready to play it again ! Hope to figure out how to give it some maintenance from this site.

10/10 by akfrey

Bought mine for $100, best money I've spent. Rock steady speed, semi automatic, Japanese quality craftsmanship, 40 years old and runs like a dream, if you can find one under $150 jump on it.

10/10 by Jdog1958

Bought mine brand new back in I think 1979 or 1980. I took a long hiatus from vinyl, and when I returned, I found the SL-Q2 waiting for me, performing as reliable as before. I don't know a lot about high end decks, but for a casual listener such as myself, it is perfect! I love the semi-auto fuction! The quartz lock direct drive was like magic compared to the cheap rim-drive Realistic changer I replaced.

10/10 by vinyl_geek5

I bought an SL-Q2 about 4 years ago on eBay as a second turntable to play mono LPs and 45s with a conical stylus, my main turntable being a KAB modified SL-1200 mk2. A sticker on the back of the SL-Q2 says 'Feb. 1980', not sure if it's the manufacturing or sale date, but in any event, it's vintage! I love this turntable, it's perfect for what I use it for. I oiled the spindle bearing a few times, and it performs flawlessly. The only other thing that I would like to do is replace the RCA cable with a high end Cardas cable. Although the tonearm looks just like the tonearm on the SL-1200 mk2, I believe that they are not the same tonearm. I'll have to talk with Kevin at KAB about that. I'm using the Audio Technica CN5625AL conical stylus with it, using it exclusively for MONO LPs amd 45s. Love it.

8/10 by sylvain999

Good beginner turntable could use some damping but if you like slamming bass leave it stock. I repair Technics turntables all day, this is one of their best seller and i rarely see one defect.If you can get a clean unit for 100-150$ it's good value for the money.

10/10 by Dukie

8/10 by levman0545

The SL-Q2 is one of the best quartz locked direct drive tables you can buy for under $200 used.

It's 16 lb. weight is not mind blowing but it's solid enough to keep the large platter spinning very level and very accurate.

Being semi-auto in design it's perfect for people like myself that don't like completely manual tables. I find manual tables too needy of your time at the end of a record and if you forget about the records ending you can say goodbye to your expensive stylus.

So for myself this table is a work horse that never seems to break down even after 30+ years of operation.
The only thing I do is add synthetic oil to the main spindle bearing which is suggested you do if your table has not been taken care of according to the manual.

The only thing I don't like is that the auto return is sort of noisy and makes what looks like a really expensive table sound cheaper than it is.
But that's me nit-picking and really not realistic to complain about.

If you want a better Technics the SL-1700 MKII or SL-1800MKII both have better isolation and a ajustable VTA tonearm height. But keep in mind these vintage tables will cost you around $500 in good condition and this SL-Q2 or SL-Q3 are both under $200 and can match the top end tables in overall numbers! Fantastic table anyway you look at it.

8/10 by ajitmancha

I had been using one bought seconhand since 2009. Great table. Easy to use and sounds great with a Denon DL_110 cart

10/10 by jickmagger

A great player that does what it was supposed to do.
Sounds great with a good stylus.

9/10 by youngf

I have owned one for two years. It replaced an SL D1 because I got tired of running to lift the stylus. The quartz lock eliminates the need for pitch check as well. I mounted my beloved V15 III that I have owned since 1973, and it is a match made in heaven. I love the simple, functional styling and its precision design. It's worked flawlessly.

9/10 by Anilrao

Bought this table last January in mint condition, It's a neat looking table, exceptionally well cared.Works great, i have installed M97xE, sounds amazing!. I love this TT.

10/10 by Wilnig+

Acquired mine with a secondhand Sony system back in 1989, left unused until today (Dec'15). Has original EPS 207C cartridge (bought cheap stylus replacement) and with a Project MM Phono Box pre-amp through an old Cyrus 6 system works fine to my old ears. How do these things last so well?

10/10 by plumulp

5/10 by joel2756

I bought mine used at a flea market, so I really don't know it's history. It came with a Shure M70BX cartridge and sounds great. I just don't use it as much anymore as I have transfered most of my older LPs & 45s to CD-R. I used a TASCAM CC-222 CD burner with a phono input and the results were fine, with thanks to the SL-Q2.

9/10 by bieleckius

I just bought a very clean one - good arm bearings, intact and clean dustcover, good feet, remarkably clean plinth - exceptionally well cared for by previous owners. I installed a Nagaoka MP-110 cartridge. I am impressed with the quiet operation, stable speed and smoothly damped cueing. Everything rang true. It is competing against a Sony PS-X55 turntable in my stereo. They are both stylish in their own way, but the Sony's shiny black finish makes it a bit more refined looking. It is also more resistant to skipping from footfalls. I think I'm going to keep them both even though my wife astutely points out that I only need one.

9/10 by Stan59

9/10 by meesterlp

I came across a clean used unit, and purchased this TT for my daughter who is an analog music lover just like her dad. After replacing the worn out RCA cables with OEM Technics cables of the correct capacitance, and installing a spare Empire 2000 series cart. and using the correct overhang and alignment procedures for this TT. I must say I was pleasently surprised by the sound quality of this TT. It does everything sonically right... I absolutely love the auto return tonearm feature. The only weakness being no tonearm height adjustment. It easily delivers 95% of the performance of my 1800MK2 TT, super accurate with auto tonearm return to boot. Highly recommended!

9/10 by jaztech

I just acquired one about two months back. My first table was the SL-D2. Now I have SL-2000 and SL-5. My other tables are Pioneer's PL-518X and Dunlop Systemdek IIS.
Easily this is my most favorite and best sounding. I am using the AT3100XE II low output MC cartridge and the sound is amazing! Easily beating my Systemdek with AT95E.
If you can lay your hands on one, get it! You won't regret it.

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