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Technics SL-M1 Reviews

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Technics SL-M1

Technics SL-M1

10/10 by childofman

It is one of the best Technics turntables ever (aside the real studio/professional ones), and much more audiophil than the DJ one SL 1210 mk2 - which i own too. Very fine tonearm (mine is S-shaped), very good sound isolation. The micro buttons for start/stop are a little unsensitive after 40 years - the only prob after all this time.

8/10 by allaboutmusic

I use mine for about two years here now. I am in teh lucky position to own the one with the s-shaped tonearm which allows for easy T4P experimentation with the SH80 or SH90 headshells and likewise runs 1/2 cartridges. I love to run the SL M1 with Grado Prestige Silver and the Ortofon X MCP series. Even though this table is 36 years it never lets me down. The S arm allows also for tornarm height adjustments which is a bit flumsy but it works, hence, the VTA adjustments are also piossible. I also do love the straight forward adjustment of antiscating. I start to begin exploring the low out MC world on 1/2 cartridges now and I think the table can run up to the 1000€ class a wide range of brands. If you get one it's a bargain!

10/10 by Peter4103

Great turntable. Was very lucky that one came available. They are more scarce than hen's teeth. The SL M1 has the SP25 / SL 1025. Compared to my SP10 with EPA 500 tonearm it comes quite close. Very stable motor, silent and very fast start up and brake on the platter. I was lucky to also get the original owners manual and the specs are very good and performance is as you might expect. I have my SL-M1 set up with a Denon DL160 cart, which according to compliance is not an ideal combo, but in practice it is quite a good combination to use. Set up is very, very easy and tonearm is quite flexible. If you ever find one below 1000 USD in very good condition, grab it. You will not regret it for a second!

9/10 by hullevad

SP25 combined with electrical lift tonearm with anti resonator device. A higher-end than SL1200, plinth needs more damping inside. Otherwise a poor mans alternative to SP10/EPA 250!

9/10 by U-FM

Nice turntable. A bit like a SL1200mkII cousin for use in your livingroom.

9/10 by jodebillen

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