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Technics SL-L3 Reviews

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Technics SL-L3

Technics SL-L3

10/10 by jiknott

What a gem...track distinction and skip function work very well on this TT and more accurately imo than its slightly older technics linear turntable predecessors. With a Shibata Stylus it sounds simply beautiful.

8/10 by mrgfarr

I've had this turntable for over a decade now and it's been (almost) faultless.
It's automatic size recognition, track break and speed setting is great for those that just want to put a record on and hit play (us CD generation). BUT this does fall apart when you put certain coloured or picture disc records in and forget it needs manually setting. And the manual setting switches aren't that well indicated (the legends are just moulded in the black plastic).
That aside I have never had issues with this unit.
And if you are using a record it can detect the track gaps on you can program it to play whatever order you like, even set it on repeat play.
I only knocked it down to 8/10 for the fiddly setting switches.

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