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Technics SL-DL5 Reviews

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Technics SL-DL5

Technics SL-DL5

9/10 by tomez2

typical technics reliability, larger thus heavier than the jacket sized units, but has the same excellent sound quality as any of the technics linear trackers. They make look like cheap plastic garbage, but actually are very well engineered. more than the deck itself, the stylus makes the sound and the deck gets out of the way. Pickering/Stanton with a stereohedron, grado with an 8mz, and any AT with a line contact tip, are just a few that sounded amazing. I also have an SL-1200mkii, and SL-Q3, and 3 technics linear trackers set up for different purposes. Guess which gets used most? One is set up for mono, another for / thriftstore / garage sale records, and the last for my pristine and personal favorite private collection. BTW, don't let the arm belt scare you. using the VE service manual, it is a 5 minute job noprob.

9/10 by eddyforest

Bought one of these in the late 1900's for around £20. It was so badly packaged that I nearly sent it back unopened, but after calming down I had a good look. The tone arm was bouncing about and could have been damaged. After checking it over I tried an old unwanted album and it sounded ok. So I bought a new stylus and tried again. The transformation was exponential. I have never tried to look for something better. I now have a decent amp and pre amp and all high quality cables. The amazing sound has turned a £20 deck into a appreciating investment.

9/10 by lodub78

Picked one of these units up at a Thrift store...put a new cart on it and it sounds great! Very Retro table. I still prefer a good 'ol tonearm but this is pretty cool for the office and people make comments all the time about it. Very easy to setup since it's linear tracking.

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