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Technics SL-DD33 Reviews

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Technics SL-DD33

Technics SL-DD33

5/10 by Fil_61

9/10 by Alchemist_8

Excellent sound and build for the money. Extremely reliable and robust. Love it.

10/10 by penumbra

A very good tt for what it is, actually the entry level are the belt drive slbd20 or slbd22 with their cheapo motors, this has a better arm and direct brushless motor drive, technics are masters at those. its simplicity is its strength, the t4p cartridge arm system does limit you but for those that dont know to accurately set up an arm and cartridge its better as its perfectly factory set.the deck is good enough to make upgrading the cartridge to a audio technica AT 92ECD worthwhile, but i wouldnt go anything further.

7/10 by Sifcell

Entry level table, but an honest to goodness workhorse. I've got this set up in a spare room and have been using it pretty regularly since the early 90's - that's about 25 years of use and so far the only problem has been that the auto-start is off kilter. But everything else, from speed to return, is still right in the groove.

Paired with an Ortofon OM20 this thing just keeps on going.

8/10 by GRGODOY

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