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Technics SL-D202 Reviews

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Technics SL-D202

Technics SL-D202

10/10 by foster122322

Fantastic turntable. My parents got me into collecting vinyl and I saw this unit for sale for $50 and I jumped all over it. Came with the original dust cover and a very nice Audio-Technica cartridge. Holds speed very well and I would highly recommend this turntable to anyone!

9/10 by Oil Stain

Review date: 6/29/2018

Bought this SL-D202 new back in '81 when they first came out. It's been sitting idle for at least 15 years or more. Just took it out a couple of weeks ago and cleaned it up. Had an Ortofon VMS-5E on it. Still sounded great. Bought new 2MM blue. Nice upgrade. It holds its speed perfectly.

I install new gold plated cables and ground as another reviewer suggested.

Man they don't make stuff like this any more. Was thinking of buying a new one, but after trying to find one to match or even come close to the specs of this SL-D202 you would have to spend at least 6-700 dollars.

8/10 by paxos2003

SL D205 - same as the 202 but with an extra light. Love this turntable. Can use many cartridges based on taste from vintage sure to newer ortofons. I suggest replacing the RCA cables and the ground wire for an even better performing table.

8/10 by Dumbarton73

I love it, much better than it looks, I use it with several cartridges and always work excellent.

8/10 by chadbang

I'll give it an 8 for good! Excellent would go to Technics' heavier masterpieces like the Sl-1700MKII, 1600MII and of course the SL-1200. This is a mid-line Technics with pretty good build quality. There's that good word again. The platter is decent. Heavier would have been nice, but it's not completely rinky dink like some of the even cheaper Technics SL-BD22 and that lot. It's not as heavy as an SL-D2. The arm looks like the precursor to an SL-1200 arm -- almost there but not quite. It's lighter in contructions and honestly reminds of arms you might see on a Hanpin Sl-1200 knock off. Again, a good arm but not 1200 level, though almost there. What's really odd is they call this an Automatic turntable. It is NOT fully automatic, it is semi-automatic meaning it turns off at the end (although it does not power down the table). I don't know when Semi-automatic was used to designate a half automatic table, but possibly later in turntable lingo (though I doubt it). But the manual calls refers to it as Automatics semi-automatic auto shut off). So don't confuse this with fully automatic (as in it places the needle on the record for you). Mine was DOA but it was only due to bad dried grease. Luckily this table disssembles easily (you must remove the automatic function section because the dried grease on the underside of this mechanism is the trouble spot) which is always the sign of good engineering. Pretty amazed that I could remove the entire automatic (lever and gear) mechanism without it being attached to the arm in anyway. Sure made things easy. So it's a solid 10 DIY table -- easy to service. A nice mid-line Technics most certainly better than the lower end tables out there today (like CROSLEY) and lower end Audio Technics (I think better than the ATLP60, but probably not reaching the ATLP120), Ion, Jensen, and probably on par with U-Turn, Project tables. It has a really nice base which is some propriety vibration absorbing material. The top and front are nothing ot write home about, classic Technics materials. All in all a GOOD table worthy of spinning your EXCELLENT records on worry free.

8/10 by phaser78

Just handed down my SL-D202 to my 21 year old son. He's getting into vinyl and I'm so proud that I can set him up with such a nice turntable as his first. Running an Ortofon MC cartridge that simply rocks! I also gave him my original Sony StrV55 receiver that has the MC selector option built-in! This combo sounds so sweet playing thru 2-way Infinity bookshelf speakers (they are modern not vintage). I'm left with my last classic turntable: a Technics SLQ-1 that still sounds perfect.

10/10 by fredysilva

Yeah ... I now get the Technics of my friend Augusto, who was home from Rui Borges Turntables to upgrade.
Again I say that's a PERFECT job, there had already led to Rui Borges my Panasonic SL-H401 with excellent results, the Technics was already stopped some years, suffered from two problems ...
You could not regulate the speed was irregular and the feedback mechanism of the arm at the end of the disc was broken by what did not.
Was entitled to a dedicated table made in MDF and above based on a silicone glass, was entitled to a dedicated foot made of acrylic with a sponge a certain density and a finish so perfect to put up anywhere on the glass adheres as if a magnet, all the electronics magazine was led RCA plugs, captive before had cable, cleanup ... arm, mat, frame, plate, bearing finally I forgetting me of something ... I can say it took a new cartridge ... Audio Technica AT 12 SA ...
As the essential ... the sound ... just a word ... EXCELLENT, was good for me since the last time I had heard him home from Rui ... but he thought it was still not 100% so he was there to study the issue, then made some new feet after several experiments with various materials to reach the final solution.
Again a turntable modified by Rui Borges who becomes a machine capable of beating other turntables exorbitant prices.
Greetings from Portugal
Fredy Silva

10/10 by Old Rusty

Just scored a black SL-D202 for $30. It sat in a box for 20 years, so I lubed the main spindle-bearing, contact-cleaned the pitch-control, slapped a new cartridge in the headshell, balanced the arm, turned it on & bingo! The black circle was spinnin' right-on & sounding sweet. If you find one, buy it. A no-brainer...

9/10 by mattyg

Excellent performer, much better than it should be. Worthy of a decent cartridge for sure!

8/10 by buddadude

Use mine daily at the job and love it alot.

9/10 by Icon666

I've an ortofon vinylmaster blue on it and it's awesome!!

8/10 by Dottorcrazy

so nice!

8/10 by nl77

Nice machine, lacks a little in the mid-range.

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