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Technics SL-D20 Reviews

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Technics SL-D20

Technics SL-D20

7/10 by deetech

Just picked this one up, imressed by the sound quality, the rca plugs an the back that enable quality patch cables, adjustable stylus pressure and anti skate adjustments, that I've never seen on any other Pmount table. Classic quality Technics gimbal.

8/10 by E_m

Bought one of these 2nd hand from the guy that ran our local CD shop in the mid 1990s for £40. I replaced the stock cart with an Ortofon OMP10. It has always been a great turntable, absolutely perfect stable speed. It's a bit dull sounding, but is forgiving on records in less than perfect condition.

The main drawback is that P mount cart which fewer and fewer manufacturers support these days. Otherwise I wouldn't hesitate to buy one of these decks

8/10 by ejb14

I bought one new way back when and have had it ever since. Finally got it out of mothballs recently and found I had to deoxit some of the connections, and re-seat the connectors in the p-mount (not too hard to do), but it now runs, has steady speed and sounds very good. I have it running a Grado Red1, a old realistic RX1500 (AT102 equivalent I think) with a new basic JICO elliptical and an AT92E. All sound very, very good. The famous Grado hum is not evident (had to move the table away from my amp though). The Grado is a little bass heavy with this table (awesome with headphones), but the AT's sound very good.

8/10 by djeclypse

I have owned two of these tables, and used them with a Pickering TLE and a Stanton D70E. I liked them, very easy to use and maintain, and, of course, Technics legendary reliability. I never had a problem with either table.

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