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Technics SL-BD3 Reviews

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Technics SL-BD3

Technics SL-BD3

10/10 by quaero

A true workhorse.

9/10 by PatriotChief

An oldie but goodie! This turntable will give you enhanced quality sound. Just remember to replace your belt if its ageing and keep your needles and vinyl clean or replace your needle or cartridge. You wll get alot of enjoyment from it. Like other turntables depending on your reciever you have to look at the whole combined unit to get the best sound. Yes, you need a reciever with a builtin pre amp for the turntable (you will have special ports on the back of your reciever or you may have to invest in a preamp.) If you ground the turntable to your reciever you may be surprised at how cleaner your sound will be, that is with any turntable you have. Enjoy!

8/10 by leevyou


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