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Technics SL-BD22 Reviews

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Technics SL-BD22

Technics SL-BD22

9/10 by fsantistevan

I unpacked my SL-BD22 after it had been in storage for 25 years. It was missing the power cord and ground cable. I had a new ground cable fabricated at a local audio store due to the fact that the connection at the unit required an odd connection. I installed an Audioquest NRG-1 power cord. It has the original cartridge and works and sounds great! I had debated purchasing a new turn table but feel that this suits my needs and with upgraded power, ground and interconnect cables this should give me a few years of audio enjoyment.

I recommend this unit if you can find one in good shape.

10/10 by Technics Guy

More than good turntable for the price when it was brand new :-)

I bought it as brand new back in 1988 Octomber 26th and still plays like new :-)

I do recomment this tt if you guys find it as used of course in a nice price just grab it :-)

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